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“10 years younger in 10 days.” Expert Briefly on Design Maja Sablewska: ‘Beyond the Limits of Dresses’

"10 years younger in 10 days."  Expert Briefly on Design Maja Sablewska: 'Beyond the Limits of Dresses'

Who would have thought that in 2022, transformation programs would still excite viewers so much? An example of this is the last episode 10 years younger in 10 days. One post explained that she was not satisfied with her “new image”.

Ms. Golanta did not hide her disappointment from the host of the show They have Sablewska.

massacre! I don’t like me. Really, I don’t like me! See what bags I have. Come on, look, see?! Makeup will not cover it. Mouth… No, I don’t like it, Maja. I usually feel like I’m a million years old. terrible! – The poster broke into.

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Netizens were divided into people who considered Ms. Golanta’s overreaction and those who thought the woman was right about the switch. I decided to comment on it Dorota Vrobloska, a valued expert in the fashion industry, known for her subtle and sometimes honest comments. The designer did not have much to say about the creativity created in the program.

Applause for the main character of the show, Ms. Golanta, who expressed her feelings and dared to say how she feels after the transformation. Nothing is more important than our well-being. Fortunately, the dress and shoes can always be changed. It’s just a style – Wróblewska started.

She then listed the errors that, in her opinion, contributed to the participant’s dissatisfaction.

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She’s right, because while this lady looks better after the transformation, she’s much older and thicker.

Maja is an expert on 7 pains, think if your mom would wear it? Wear clothes such as burlap. She thought that she would assume any modest woman and she would be fame.

Her clothes are poorly chosen. And those shoes! Where else did you find these shoes?

industry fashion…

37 minutes ago

on point.

Recent Comments (75)

The old rule “Do nothing for another, what is not nice to you.” I wonder if Mrs. Maja would dress her mother this way. Perhaps he should introduce someone dear to his family from the family and make such a “transformation”

This dress is like a bathrobe. The only thing that turned out to be cool was the hair color, because the hairstyle is also hopeless. And do not say that there are no beautiful clothes for an obese woman, because there are stores with wonderful dresses for obese people. Maybe only Maja knows how to dress skinny ladies, because it’s the easiest thing to do.

Saplewska, seeing that she feels bad in her own body, tries to advise others. Accept yourself first, because you can see from afar that you are having problems accepting your body and your appearance

She was in leggings in a bathrobe a lot of change, not surprisingly dissatisfaction.

I will go to Czechoslovakia

TERRIBLE DESIGN: A cheap, wrong size polyester bathrobe/bag and shoes that are too small like a Pepco basket. What is this designer??? I have better things in my wardrobe and that I would be able to rejuvenate them better, I’m not a “celebrity fashion designer”

A killer dress, shoes and purse.

Fortunately, Maja did not give this lady tattoos to raise. The dress and shoes can be exchanged and this novelty will be somewhat problematic

I do not like Sablewska. She’s a slut.

Boots, slit, belt under the bust,

What is the deal of this scam? You had to change clothes and that’s it. Is this lady supposed to be famous or is she some kind of acting?

The makeup is very bad. Older people should not use pearl shades, as they age and make wrinkles visible. It was made on an old lamp and it was possible to put on a beautiful and elegant make-up.

The story of the dress and shoes is really tragic, but I was surprised by this lady that she expected the bags under her eyes to disappear. Hairstyle on the plus side, I think it is more useful than the previous one.

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