October 18, 2021

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109 kg “river monster” over 100 years old seized Strange | Online diary

Nicknamed the “River Monster”, the 109-kilogram fish, which may be over 100 years old, was released into the Detroit River in April in the United States. The female of the sturgeon (common name of the family Asibenseridae) measured just over 2 meters and was thrown back into the water after being recorded.

A large fish was caught in the Detroit River in the United States last Friday (07), according to CNN News Portal.

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The Albany Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office, about 400 km from Detroit, the capital of Michigan, released the image of the bizarre fish, the newspaper said. After the capture, the “River Monster” soon returned to nature.


According to experts, the biggest fish should be a woman over 100 years old. “It was born on the Detroit River in 1920, making Detroit the fourth largest city in the United States,” explains the Albany Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office.

Experts explain that females of this species of freshwater fish can live up to 150 years in North America. According to the agency, ‘River Monster’ is “one of the largest lake sturgeons ever recorded in the United States”.

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