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11-bit teaser studios explained, South Circle

11-bit teaser studios explained, South Circle

After it was posted yesterday ambiguous teaser Warsaw 11 bit studios It didn’t keep us in a state of uncertainty for long. The game the joke was all about south of the circle – “An emotional narrative experience with a multi-layered film story.” Interestingly, The parent company is not a developer but a publisher From this production – is produced under the supervision of the studio Play Games Statusthat developed titles like inks.And Cami 2 if Lumino City. The last item received the BAFTA Award for Technical Achievement.

south of the circle It’s Coming Soon to PC, PS4, PS5, XOne, XSX/S and Switch. From the description of the game on Steam We know that the most important component of it will be:

A story that juggles between the present and the past, about the pursuit of a career and true love, and asking questions about the consequences of life choices. The player takes on the role of Peter, who is an academic lecturer Plane crash in Antarctica during the Cold War. Asking for help, the hero reflects on his past when the pressure of power and aspirations drove him into a crisis, from which he is now trying to get out. The romance between Peter and Clara he met at university allowed him to understand the importance of the promises made along the way. And some, like childhood memories, stay with us forever.

In addition to the thrilling story – on paper at least – full of emotional choices, there are also realistic acting creations, a cohesive graphic style that stands out, and an interesting plot background, inspired by a handful of the Cold War period. At the moment, the product card on Steam says about No subtitles even in PolishHowever, considering who the publisher of the game is, this may change.

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