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11 years and over. Important change with Wilfredo Leon

11 years and over.  Important change with Wilfredo Leon

For years they were a harmonious duo. Andrzej Grzyb helped bring Wilfredo Leon from Cuba to Europe. Largely thanks to the efforts of the manager, the volleyball player is currently playing for the Polish national team. On Thursday, Grzyba and Leona parted.

Michai Fabian

Andre Gerzeb and Wilfredo Leon

Press materials / Andrzej Grzyb Archive / Pictured: Andrzej Grzyb and Wilfredo Leon

Andre Griezip and Wilfredo Leon informed the media about the end of their 11-year collaboration in a private statement.

“Thank you Andrzej Grzyb for his help over the years. Andrzej welcomed me into his home as a family member and helped me take my first steps in Poland. I achieved a lot during this collaboration. I guess if I had chosen another manager I wouldn’t have joined 11 years ago,” Wilfredo Leon said 11 years ago. Biznit Kazan “Immediately after leaving Cuba my path was going in a different direction.”

Recall: Andrzej Grzyb discovered Lyon in Cuba in 2011. A year later, the volleyball player decided to finish the match with the Cuban national team and go to Europe. Instead, he was suspended for two years by the Cuban Federation.

In 2014, he began training with the Asseco Resovia Rzeszów youth team, and a few months later he joined Zenit Kazan, with whom he won the Champions League four times. In July 2015, Leon received a Polish passport (thanks to the efforts of Grzyb and former PZPS chief Mirosław Przedpełski), and four years later he made his Polish national team debut (more here >>).

“I am happy that I got to where I am now. During this time I gained a lot of experience, met many interesting people from different backgrounds and was able to start playing for the Polish national team. However, after a long collaboration, I felt it was time for a change. We are harmoniously ending our professional relationship and not closing the door to cooperation on a different basis in the future ”- added Leon.

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“I would like to thank Wilfredo for his professionalism and loyalty. With all his sporting successes, and the encouragement to a change of manager, he stayed with me until the end of our contract. I hope our paths converge in business, because, for my age, I do not intend to sign new players and will focus on my own life”- These are the words of 57-year-old Andrei Gerzeb.

“Thanks to Wilfredo, I was able to gain new experience – not only administratively but organizationally as well. Experience in ‘taking’ him legally from Cuba, absorbing him in Rzeszow during the suspension of his sporting career, with the procedures for obtaining Polish citizenship and the approval of the FIVB to play in The Polish national team gave me a lot of satisfaction. I was very satisfied with the titles Wilfredo won, which I could have witnessed, including 4 victories in the Champions LeagueAndrzej Grzyb added.

Let us remind you that Wilfredo Leon won with the Polish national team two bronze medals at the European Championship (2019, 2021), a silver at the World Cup (2019) and a silver at the League of Nations (2021).

The volleyball player is currently undergoing rehabilitation after knee surgery. For this reason, he left the current version of LN. It is not known if he will have time to train for the world championships which will take place on August 26-September 11 in Poland and Slovenia.

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