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17-year-old Emilia Dankwa standing on the beach. Fans like: “You look great!” (Photo)

17-year-old Emilia Dankwa standing on the beach.  Fans like: "You look great!"  (Photo)

Emila Dankwa, like other representatives of the younger generation of “”, grew up in front of the audience. Most remember her as a girlfriend of Casper. It’s hard to believe that this little girl is actually 17 years old. The star is still active in show business and is trying to design fashion more daringly.

The actress is active on her social media. More than 115,000 netizens are already following her on Instagram. Dankwa She knows how to use her scopes, because the effects of photo sessions are more and more visible in her profile.

Some time ago, Dankwa appeared in “The Breakfast Question” when she was wearing orange in a fashion corner. This time I once again stood in front of the camera during a session on the beach.

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A young celebrity standing at sunset in a braided ensemble. Photos from Pogorzelica were especially loved by her fans, who admired the extraordinary beauty of the actress.

inspiration! But you need to know that it is not only the advantage of the photographer your extraordinary beauty beautiful; Is this the little dodger from When did you become a woman? Pretty woman; But the star is growing. pure angel model with lady – Netizens rejoiced with photos from the session.

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You write once that 17 is a baby girl, and again she’s grown up. Physically, he is no longer a child, but he is still far from adulthood. Only a pervert will be sexually attached.

The world has gone crazy, only looks matter

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A child escapes from this sick internet

For the fourth time in six months I’ve discovered what “beautiful” Dankwa is (I don’t see that beauty, unfortunately). Its data is viewed by 450,000,000 people in the world. These walls are getting more and more difficult. Ooooh, with Królikowski can get pregnant, there’s a woman who’s been doing it for a year already. What a time, and it was enough to write that she was raped by Uncle Stach. Competition is increasing. It’s not even enough to be raped by your neighbor’s dog now

How beautiful I am Banderas!

How could she have blue eyes? Fabulous combination. in another meaning. I understand that it is possible that one of the parents is black and the other is white, but despite everything, this “effect” does not happen very often.

Oh celebs…a word of advice. ME is at the beginning of the sentence, and ME is in the middle. The Polish café is not a café, the shop is not a shop, the bar is not a bistro, etc. , etc. Let’s care about the Polish language, it is slowly disappearing …

I did not like this character of the series. This character was clearly and concisely described by the series’ uncle, speaking to Kacper.

I don’t want anyone to have hair like that, I have a mop on my head and still have to use the gel to make it look something else because otherwise it gets felt on my head and comes out a lot from year to year. I have little ones, tragedy not my hair, I always have a mop on my head

It’s true, she’s exceptionally beautiful. beautiful eyes.

She has been dating Emilia Dankwa for more than a year, of course, for the right amount of money. Her profile (which is not fake) is on one of the interesting sites. A girl can handle it.

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