July 28, 2021

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19 ustaw do zmiany. MF zmienia prawo na rynku finansowym

19 groups to be changed. The Ministry of Finance changes the Financial Market Law

The new financial market regulations will include, inter alia, the following: the law on banks, capital market regulations, investment funds, the law on public offering and conditions for entering financial instruments into a regulated trading system. There will be more changes.

investment is related toDifferent types of risks. To make it as safe as possible for investors, the government appoints institutions that supervise the activities of financial institutions and enacts laws to protect citizens’ money.

in this time Ministry of Finance Wants to regulate and improve the performance of financial market institutions, including on the one hand Remove access barriers and improve supervision. For this purpose, the Ministry sent for consultation draft amendments to the laws of the financial market.

Financial market with new regulations. MF amends the law

We read this on the website of the Center for Governmental Legislation The draft provides for changes to up to 19 laws. New products will be introduced, among others, in the Banking Law, the Law on Investment Funds and the Management of Alternative Investment Funds, as well as the Law on Public Offering and the conditions for introducing financial instruments into a structured trading system. Changes will also be made to the regulations relating to the supervision of the financial market and capital, as well as to the law on trading in financial instruments. What is the purpose of the new project?

Regulating and improving the performance of financial market institutions, especially with regard to removing barriers to accessing the financial market, improving supervision of the financial market, protecting clients of financial institutions, protecting clients of financial institutions, protecting minority shareholders and public companies, and increasing the level of digitization in implementation by The Financial Supervisory Authority of the Supervisory Commission (KNF) and the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (UKNF)

Excerpts from the rationale for the government project

The changes are also aimed at standardizing solutions related to The right of individual services to obtain information containing legally protected secrets, in addition to expanding the obligation to maintain confidential information about the transmission of data to the Licensed Services.

Amendments to 19 laws related to the financial market

capital market It was also subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Finance. Among the regulations proposed in the draft, there are, among others Changes in bidding offers for shares. The project aims to improve the performance of the Institution of Subscription Calls for the sale or exchange of shares in public companies, Create a threshold of 50% of the total number of votes During the general meeting, As a threshold to take control, led to an obligation to announce a tender offer to subscribe for the sale or exchange of all remaining shares, Formation of a unified form for compulsory summons As a follow-up call as well as an introduction voluntary recall mechanism For all remaining shares of a public company.

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Project also proposedقترح Amending the provisions of the Banking Act to fit the Outsourcing Guidelines for European Banking Supervision And the introduction of the commitment to the notification to KNF With the intention of concluding an outsourcing agreement.

According to the project The PFSA is to have the authority to appoint a trustee to the issuer of securities Admit to trading in the regulated market. It is also planned to add a regulated trading platform as another type of market where regulated trading in treasury bonds can be conducted.


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