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2050 Polish politician on the health care system – Radio Lublin Polish

2050 Polish politician on the health care system - Radio Lublin Polish

Leaders and supporters of Poland 2050 met in Zamos and the main topic of talks was the health care system.

– We are dealing with a massive collapse in health protection, Senator Jacek Puri said during the meeting. The authorities still promise us that things will be fine. He says we have problems because there is a pandemic, and in fact, we see that people are having more and more problems accessing specialists.

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The councilor of the Lublin County Parliament, Ewa Jaszczuk, drew attention to the Polish hospital debt problem: – The debt level of regional hospitals is 16 billion PLN. When it comes to the Lubelskie Voivodeship and the hospitals that report directly to the county council, the amount of debt is equally huge, since it exceeds one billion zlotys.

In turn, Representative Joanna Mucha stated that closing wards and hospitals is not only a mistake, but also the way the Poles have been led through the pandemic: – The next wave is really knocking on our door. We are still not ready, although we have experience from last year. There is a significant reduction in the treatment of all patients who were unable to benefit from health care in previous waves of the epidemic. Their diagnosis and treatment has been delayed. Accordingly, their condition is much worse. Unfortunately, many of them died – said Joanna Mucha.

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The leaders were informed, inter alia, about the health care plan being prepared.

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In May this year, during a conference introducing the “Polish Deal” program, governors announced an increase in spending on health care. – In the next six years, we will increase spending on health to 7 percent. With regard to gross domestic product. Already in 2023 they will reach the level of 6%. gross domestic product. It’s definitely faster than we previously assumed – it’s confirmed.

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In July, the Prevention 40 Plus program was launched, which provides every pole over the age of 40 with one-time access to a free diagnostic test package.

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