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23-year-old Siluya Przebiz reveals the details of her wedding with Jan Dibrovsky: “We have to cut back on the dress. I don’t even know when to lose weight”

23-year-old Siluya Przebiz reveals the details of her wedding with Jan Dibrovsky: "We have to cut back on the dress. I don't even know when to lose weight"

Jan Dibrowski and Siluya Przebiz They started their adventure with the influencer industry like many other kids dreaming of a great career. However, these two people managed to turn their exposure to life online into a thriving business. Today, their watchers are already in the millions. The couple is happily raising two daughters, buying more real estate, all at just 20 or two years old.

In a few days, Father. Dibrovsky And the newcomer The sound will rise again, thanks to the fast approach wedding. Capitalizing on her last moments of peace, Sylvia arranged a Q&A on her Instagram profile, where she answered questions about preparations for “the big day.” It turns out that the bride and groom will pick up the dress and suit next Monday.

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Some fans wondered what role the offspring of the bride and groom would play in the entire ceremony. The girls are supposed to be there for the party, but their mom says they’re still too young to fully understand what their dads are really getting ready for.

Paula and Nella will not wear wedding rings. They will not bathe the flowers. I don’t think they have a feeling that our wedding is coming up. They are too young to understand these three things. The most important thing is that they will be with us. (…) I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be there! They are the most important in the world to me.

The newcomer does not hide that the entire preparation process clearly reflects on her well-being. The celebrity considers herself a perfectionist and thus also explains the need to monitor every detail of the wedding ceremony.

Every time I have measurements at Viola Piekut, we have to reduce the dress. I don’t even know when I’ll lose weight, but it seems to be due to stress and it’s supposed to be normal. I am a perfectionist. I took care of every detail of the wedding myself, and had to deal with everything that came up with, perhaps the most stressful thing.

Curious ones might find out too Siluya will take her husband’s surname after the weddingThe wedding would last up to a few days, befitting a highland wedding. It was also reported that the bride during the organization completely lost control of expenses and at the moment He doesn’t really know how much money he’s going to spend on having fun.

They are happy, despite their young age, have a family, health, love and money. I wish them the best

“Do the girls know what awaits them?” Haha

Just go to biology and you can become a millionaire 😉 Why these studies 😉

I thought it was war???

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Shakira Umm K…

2 minutes. Ago

Blonde like Shakira, dark like Kylie Jenner

Only recently there were pictures from some of the walls, they were the size of a wardrobe

Children will not wear wedding rings or carry wedding rings any more. Unless he knows what the future awaits for these little guys, Polish is a really difficult language

To stress too much until you lose weight? from the wedding? Well, thanks … the wedding itself, I am very happy with it, and for me it will also be a great stress and I do not want it.

This is how you should live. No need for noise – there will always be time to party. My studies did not give me anything, I panicked, and what do I get out of it? string. Young people should be spent on professional and personal development, because at the age of forty you seriously do not even have the strength to wake up to work, let alone raise your children. I had my baby at 31 and I think it’s definitely too late, I’m 40 now and sometimes I lack strength and only have one. However, at her age, I could stay awake for up to two days and function like a robot.

They have everything they want, but really nothing.

Soon there will be a divorce

Beautiful and happy couple 👍

Who is this anyway??? I really do not know these people! They are painfully mean, plus they pride themselves on money when the average person doesn’t have to pay rent and bread, despite the fact that he does. What are the children selling or what?

Dear friends, you are such a sweet couple. I wish you wonderful and happy family years together. But stay away from social media as much as possible because it will destroy you quickly.

Young, healthy, beautiful, earning money and healthy 😉 All the best

However, is it possible to reconcile motherhood at a young age with work and build a mature relationship? Very nice people, fortunately there are still such people. Respect all those who have not fallen into the trap of late motherhood studio – copro – credit – m2.

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