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36 percent of the games tested don’t meet safety requirements – UOKiK

36 percent of the games tested don't meet safety requirements - UOKiK

36 percent of the toys examined do not meet safety requirements, for example exceeding the permissible level of phthalate concentration – the Bureau of Competition and Consumer Protection is reported Tuesday, citing the results of the inspection conducted by KAS and UOKiK and the trade inspection conducted in February and March of this The year.

The letter said that the National Tax Administration, Trade Inspection and Bureau of Competition and Consumer Protection have examined the safety of toys imported from outside the EU.

The aim of the project, as indicated, was to prevent toys that pose a dangerous chemical hazard to children from being displayed on the market.

“During the monitoring of limits and specialized laboratory tests, it was found that 36% of the toys examined did not meet safety requirements, for example exceeding the permissible level of phthalate concentration,” – reads the statement.

As the head of KAS, Magdalena Rzeczkowska, quoted in the information, noted, not all goods manufactured outside the European Union and imported to it meet the requirements in force in the European Union. An effective form of removing dangerous products from the market is their capture by KAS already at the border.

“When in doubt about the safety of toys, customs and tax officials ask the commercial inspector for an opinion as to whether the product meets the requirements. They also use specialized laboratory tests. Toys that do not meet the requirements are not allowed to be marketed in Poland and the European Union. If the level of risk is The limiter is dangerous and if the game is a risk to children’s health, it must be destroyed, ” she explained.

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UOKiK President Thomas Crostney added that the games were stopped and destroyed at the border in the EU RAPEX system in order to warn other EU member states of the serious threat they pose to younger consumers.

The joint activities between KAS, IH and UOKiK were carried out across the country from February 1 to March 31, 2021. Rzikowska emphasized that their goal is to prevent games that pose a serious chemical threat to children. She added that ensuring the protection of the health and safety of consumers is an important and non-financial task for KAS and an area for continuous cooperation between KAS, UOKiK and the commercial inspection.

According to Crostini, the safety of imported toys made in whole or in part from soft plastic has been inspected during inspection. These were, among other things, jump ropes, water toys, cars, sneakers, and dolls that made up the bulk of the bundled products. – In this type of game, phthalates – common plastic laxatives, which pose a serious chemical threat to children at high concentration – are often detected – warns the head of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

It was recalled that the permitted phthalate concentration in games is 0.1%. With regard to the weight of the material with the addition of a plasticizer (additives that increase the mechanical parameters of the plastic). The presence of these compounds in higher than acceptable concentrations is dangerous for children. Phthalate toxicity may vary. They can cause fertility problems, the development of diseases such as allergies, liver and kidney damage, and cancer.

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Phthalates are more likely to be detected in toys made entirely of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or PVC components. PVC does not have a distinct odor and thus cannot be detected in this way. The presence of phthalates is also not directly related to the color of the substance used.

Audits focused on toys made of soft plastic or with soft plastic parts. Toy groups that phthalates often find are: dolls, squeaks, bath toys, toys with suction cups, balls, jumping balls, ponies, unicorns, masks, jump ropes, cars and other children’s vehicles with soft tires, teethers, rattles .

316,000 people were searched within two months. Pieces of games, of which more than 114 thousand. Computers, or 36 percent. Does not meet the requirements.

The tests were carried out in the Central Laboratory of Customs and Taxes of the Chamber of Tax Administration in Warsaw, the Laboratory of the Customs and Tax Office in Pomeranian in Gdynia and the Specialist Laboratory for Textile Products and Automated Analysis of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in ód.

Officers from customs and tax offices in Gdansk, Lublin, Poznan, Krakow, Lodz and Warsaw seized the toys, which were sent for laboratory tests. 62 percent of the toys were collected for research in Gdansk, which confirms that most of the toys are imported by sea.

Activities included provincial trade inspection departments where KAS officers were detained and sought their opinion on the fulfillment of requirements. Reviews can also be issued to customs authorities on toys that have not been collected for testing, but have been held at the border. In total, as part of the project, the provincial inspection departments of the Trade Inspection (WIIH) issued 83 customs opinions – 13 positive opinions and 70 negative opinions.

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According to the information, KAS inspected in the period from January to April 2021 of 520 thousand. A piece of games, 361,000 more, or nearly 69 percent. Did not meet the requirements (including official requirements). In 2020, the number was over 136,000. Toys, of which approximately 115 thousand. Does not meet the requirements. In 2019, more than 863,000 people were searched. Children play turns out to be approximately 857 thousand. One of them is dangerous. In 2018, more than 596,000 people were searched. Pcs, of which up to 595 thousand. Does not meet the requirements.

She added that over a period of four years (2018 – 30 April 2021), UOKiK laboratory examined 549 samples collected by IH inspectors from the market, stating that the permissible concentration of phthalates exceeded in 122 of them (about 22%).

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The office encourages participants to participate in a free UOKiK webinar for entrepreneurs and buyers: “TAKE A SAFE TOY”, in which talks will be held with UOKiK experts about irregularities frequently discovered in the gaming market, as well as about the obligations of entrepreneurs in the field of selling products. For children. The meeting will be broadcast on UOKiK’s official YouTube channel.

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