September 22, 2021

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4 Supplements That Really Work And Help You Lose Weight

4 Supplements That Really Work And Help You Lose Weight

Are you still trying to lose weight with the help of the most popular means that, according to advertisers, allow us to achieve the perfect figure in no time? In a maze of new information, it gets more and more complicated slimming products It is not easy to determine which ones can actually help us burn extra calories and fat.

How to lose weight quickly? Many valuable ingredients can help

Without a common sense approach, the right dose of physical exercise and a balanced diet, it will definitely not be easy for us to lose extra weight quickly.

However, it is worth carefully analyzing what we eat every day and checking whether our list contains ingredients that have the best slimming effect, according to scientific research, and can make it easier for us to take care of a healthy body weight.

Although many of them can be found in natural foods (which are usually the most valuable and best digestible source), it is also shown in the form of nutritional supplements that contain the highest concentration of these substances that give the best slimming effect. What are the ingredients?

What are the most effective nutritional supplements in the fight against obesity?

Green tea

green tea extract It is one of the best researched and most beneficial supplements that have a slimming effect (and not only). Thanks to the catechins contained in it, you can improve metabolism and activate the enzymes responsible for the absorption and burning of fats.
Posted in “Nutrition Journal“Indicate that Green tea can help fight overweight and obesity in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Easily increases feelings of fullness, but best results can be achieved with a healthy diet and regular physical activity.


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inulin It is a natural polysaccharide obtained from chicory, chicory root or Jerusalem artichoke, as well as from asparagus, artichokes, onions or garlic. It often comes in powder form.
Due to the fact that it is not digested by the human body, it is often compared to fiber. It should be washed down with plenty of water – nutritionists recommend no more than 2-3 grams of insulin per day.
Research published in 2020 in “Clinical Nutrition“Indicate that Inulin causes beneficial changes in the intestinal flora (stimulates the development of appropriate bacterial microflora, favors the development of microorganisms that favorably affect the digestion of food and the immune system) and regulates appetite, thanks to which it can facilitate the fight against extra kilograms. In addition, it prevents constipation and has an anti-cancer effect (it may protect against breast or prostate cancer).

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to weight gain. If we lack this component, it is easier for us to gain extra kilograms – according to research published in 2019 in the pages of one of the most prestigious scientific journals “Endocrinology Frontiers“.
Earlier, researchers from the United Kingdom were able to show that low levels of this vitamin impair the fat metabolism of pregnant women and may increase the risk of gestational obesity.
Obese people are more likely to be deficient in vitamin B12 (cobalamin).
Vegetarians and vegans may also have problems with the appropriate level of this vitamin, since animal products are the best digestible source of cobalamin in the human body. People who follow a vegan diet should ensure adequate vitamin B12 supplementation.


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Thanks for the right amount probiotics In a daily diet, you can reduce the absorption of fat cells and at the same time increase the amount of fat excreted with feces.
Published in 2020 Research indicate that Probiotics facilitate weight loss 50 percent better than a placebo.
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