September 23, 2021

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40 for 20.  Partek and Patricia have serious plans.  Their relationship will go to a higher level

40 for 20. Partek and Patricia have serious plans. Their relationship will go to a higher level

a program “40 for 20” It’s over and viewers find out who this feeling unites. Although in Robert Kochanek’s case, the person’s choice wasn’t very clearAt Bartik, everyone knew how it would end. A few weeks before the end, the 24-year-old participant became interested in Patricia and remained faithful to his charms until the end of the program. Filming on the reality show ended some time ago, but only now couples can officially talk about their relationships. It turns out that Bartek and Patrycja’s feelings have blossomed, and they have serious plans ahead of them.

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40 for 20. Partek spoke about his feelings for Patricia. Find out what his plans are

In an interview with Plejada Portal, Bartosz Andrzejczak revealed that they are planning the next step in their relationship with Patrycja Rodak.

We currently have a long-distance relationship, but we fly into each other a lot and call each other on FaceTime every day. It’s not easy, but we’re really good at it. He said we plan to live together at the end of the year.

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The situation is not easy yet, because the guy lives in Berlin and his girlfriend lives in London. However, many fans of the show believe that their relationship will last. For viewers, the husband’s exit from the program was just a formality. Both focused their attention on themselves long before the show ended. Choosing Iza next to Patrycja for the finals only confirmed that the participant already had a lover. Iza was the largest participant with whom Bartik had friendly relations. When choosing Patrycja, he said he was falling in love. Although the final took place without surprise, many fans assure that Patricia and Partek fit in together right from the start. Recently, former participant he added On Instagram for their joint photo signed by “My Love”. And do you think they are made for each other?

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