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45-year-old Tom Hardy won the gold in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship! He really does have a blue belt.

45-year-old Tom Hardy won the gold in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship!  He really does have a blue belt.

Once again we discover how many surprises it has in store Tom Hardy. The Hollywood star, who in his career recreated the characters of Bane from the Batman or Venom trilogy, proved that “in real life” he is also a tough guy.

The 45-year-old not only recently participated in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Milton Keynes, England, but also won a gold medal! hardy He did not brag about his participation in competitions on social media, did not talk about it in interviews, but humbly appeared at the appointed place on time and simply showed his class.

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Tournament President and Referee Mohamed Itomin He told CNN how he met Hardy at a REORG jiu-jitsu competition at Wolverhampton a month ago. It was then that the star announced that he would take part in the next struggle in his beloved field.

I was really touched. He told me he would come to our competition next time and he kept his word. It is rare for a famous person to participate in such a domestic competition. They are usually very busy.

Tom really has a blue belt. I have over 10 years of experience as a judge and after what he did in the REORG competition, I knew he would do something great for our organization.

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He’s so handsome and manly… well, I’ve been in love with him forever 😉

This is interesting information in the era of high winds.

I love him ! ordinary man. Our representatives should lead by example

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It’s nice to read that I’m not the only one who loves him like a teenager 😂😂😂

Tom Hardy… I absolutely love this guy. I’ve seen him in several movies and he impresses me. Good thing I’m interested in something else. He also appears to be a person with a positive attitude towards the world.

He’s not in shape…. Look is… Tom is the best

Poodle, can you write about it every day? Seriously, I’d be interested in what he eats for breakfast and when he sleeps.

He’s shouting his size doesn’t fit

There are people like Tom and they are like my friend, who has not left home for a year, even to the store: 0 He also left his last year of high school and got a high school education: 0 It’s a tragedy. I wonder how one is a win and the other is zero (0🤮). Do you know more of this emmm..njeudacxnikow?


1 hour ago

A great athlete, a good actor, a humble man, as well as a handsome mega

Bond, James Bond… Hardy will be extra in this role 🙂

Where’s Tabu 2 I ask politely?!

Gradk drama…

2 hours. Ago

And there wasn’t a Gradcoa there, what could they boast of? You’ll take him downstairs right away

Finally, a real actor and not for the hundredth time, Gonia & rolajsi & opozda & lewi & Megan looked at someone (sorry it’s also rojals! 🙈)

Lots of English celebrities train BJJ. And they have one advantage over their competitors in local competitions. They don’t go to training after a day of sloping hardships.

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