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5 Gamescom 2022 games that fascinated me

5 Gamescom 2022 games that fascinated me

Gamescom and Gamescom and after Gamescom. Another big event, this time the E3 Challenge, is behind us. The event in Cologne brought a lot of interesting games, many of them journalists can test on the spot – our opinions on the excellent promise A Plague Tale: Requiem or Gothic Remake can be checked here.

This time, I’m looking at the gamescom opening night event, which actually opened this year (in fact, the previous one too – it’s a tradition already) in Germany. Jeff Kelly came to us again with a good chunk of games, and I present below 5 titles that I bought after the presentation. It’s fair to say that these are the five games I loved the most from Gamescom 2022.

The fallen masters

CI Games hasn’t been easy in recent years. In the past, the Polish studio “slapped” only the following parts of the Sniper Ghost Warrior series, which were, however, a far cry from the Sniper Elite phenomenon. There were also a lot of experiences, such as the open world and focus on the story in the third part of the brand.

After that, however, CI Games rose from its knees and not only brought us an excellent sub-series Sniper Ghost Warrior – Contracts – but had been on Hexworks The Lords of the Fallen for a long time. The game should be five times larger than the “one”, as well as focus on engagement and narrative mechanics. The latter looks very interesting when combined with the Soulslike game genre.

The trailer is starring and I’m very much looking forward to the gameplay from The Lords of the Fallen, which we will be receiving later this year.

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fallen atlas

I was very positively surprised by Atlas Fallen from Deck13 studio, creators of The Surge. As the trailer shows, we will go to the desert world, where we will play the role of heroes who want to make life easier for ordinary residents and avoid the dangers of ancient creatures. These look very tricky, and it looks like they’ll use sand to hide or surprise attacks.

During the announcement of Atlas Fallen, an excerpt from the gameplay was released, which confirms that the production of Deck13 will be full of massive battles with monsters. There will be no shortage of supernatural abilities, stunning finishes, and engaging exploration – we can even fly a little above the ground and cover a vast area quickly.

Extension: Telltale Series

Telltale Games’ situation was worse than the CI games mentioned above. The adventures that were produced in a tape of this team led to the downfall of the team. In the past twelve months or so, they’ve revived and announced major changes to their formula, and the first games to catch up with them will be The Wolf Of Us 2 and The Expanse.

The latter was shown at Gamescom 2022 and although the alpha gameplay didn’t look amazing, you can notice a lot of changes to the engine. After all, we have more control over the character, the animation is not numb, and in addition, the eye-catching comic book graphics have also been abandoned. There is still a long way to go for release, but Telltale Games will probably be one of my favorite studios again in the future.

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dead island 2

We had to wait a long time for an intense demo of the Dying Light 2 twin brother. However, this came during Gamescom 2022 and contrary to popular opinion, mixed feelings after introducing the gameplay from this sandbox, Dead Island 2 is Buying Me Now.

What stands out above all else is brutality. Blood is flowing everywhere in Los Angeles, and cutting limbs is the middle name of the main characters. Heroes who – interestingly enough – are a kind of “angel” of the American capital, because they resist being bitten. Even if sufferers insert their fangs into any part of their body, they don’t mind it. So it promises to be a definite husk, though I’m currently worried about whether the creators will make a good story, and not just focus on killing hordes of enemies, which after a while will surely get boring, if we don’t get an interesting story-fueling story.

Callisto Protocol

At first, I didn’t believe the Callisto Protocol would be such a huge success. There were industry veterans in the studio and at the same time people who took the survival horror genre to heights, but the first announcements didn’t immediately give the Striking Distance Studio project a chance.

However, with each game, I can see that the production looks incredibly good, and that the creators take care of every detail, even the smallest – whether it’s while exploring the dark complex or while fighting hard with disgusting creatures. Everything seems to be spoiled here and I think if this quality is maintained until the December premiere, EA Motive will have to do more with Dead Space Remake.

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