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5 rules for learning in adulthood

5 rules for learning in adulthood

It is never too late to learn. condition? We come to terms with our times and don’t pretend to be children.

Psychologist Dr. Joshua Hartshorne of Boston College, who studies changes in intelligence with age, says the essence of learning is not to be good at everything, but to recognize what we are strong at a certain point in life. Here are five principles for adults to learn new things.

1. Share

Listening to a lecture, watching presentations, reading papers … Unfortunately, many training courses are still held in this way, that is, passively. It is this activity that makes it easier for us to remember the information provided. Therefore, during good training, the leader must involve us in something, even ask for a short summary or take part in a scene. How about reading? You can also activate this activity, for example by taking notes on a regular basis or talking about the content with a friend afterwards. By the way, conversation, discussion and exchange of opinions are excellent forms of gaining and consolidating knowledge. Knowledge is social, says Jean Love, an anthropologist at the University of Berkeley. The interaction with others is thus the most natural and effective form of learning.

2. Use of resources

I’ve eaten bread from more than one oven, taken many trips… As an adult, you definitely have more experience and knowledge than kids. According to conceptual network theory, knowledge acquisition depends on the combination of what is new and what we already know. Example? The Spanish I got into well in my thirties is similar to the French I studied in high school. The whole art of learning is building relationships and identification with the information you already have.

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3. Go to the selector

Linguists George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, authors of the theory of cognitive metaphors, discovered that our mind’s understanding of abstract concepts is based on sensory experiences. Example? We say that time flows as if it were water, i.e. a physical object. Therefore, when studying, it is always useful to translate abstract knowledge into specific situations, problems or images. This is what memory heroes do, who are able to recreate long sequences of numbers with just one reading. It evokes associations with specific numbers, for example, with sex or a favorite food.

4. Travel

The environment in which we learn new information can affect our ability to remember it. For example, knowledge acquired at the university can easily be reproduced in faculty exams, but may not be available elsewhere. Therefore, in order to make better use of knowledge, it is worth learning in a changing environment. So, studying on the balcony, waiting room to see the doctor, or even in the car, contrary to appearances, is not a bad idea. Thanks to different learning contexts, knowledge will be available in different places.

5. Get some sleep with her

go to bed! This is what you probably heard from your parents as a kid every night. They were right because learning is effective when material is repeated and sleep is separated. As neuroscientists Stephen Gess and Jan Bourne point out, sleep is a major ally in science. During the phase known as slow-wave sleep, newly acquired knowledge is incorporated into the structures of the brain responsible for long-term memory.

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