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50,000 children without vaccinations. What has the epidemic changed? – Health Wprost

50,000 children without vaccinations.  What has the epidemic changed?  - Health Wprost

We have not eradicated all diseases. If we stop vaccinating – they will return – the professor assured. Teresa Jakoska, National Public Health Adviser, during the “Building Confidence in Preventive Vaccines Using the Latest Tools for Communication and Social Impact” conference.

What has the epidemic changed in terms of vaccination?

a. Jaroslav Pinkas spoke at the conference about the upward trend in the refusal of compulsory vaccinations, although it slowed somewhat in 2020. What has the epidemic changed in this regard? At the moment it is difficult to say unequivocally, since there are no data from the past two years. – We saw 2021 – a very difficult year in general associated with the refusal of vaccinations, especially the Covid vaccines, which may translate to some extent to the vaccination of children, and even compulsory vaccinations – the Professor indicated. Pinkas.

At the same time, during the conference, it was noted that there are currently more than 8000 vaccination points in Poland, of which 2000 are pharmacies. This translates to an increased availability of COVID-19 vaccines.

Will forgotten infectious diseases return?

a. Jakoska, in turn, emphasized that refusal to vaccinate mainly concerns healthy children who are not in any at-risk group. In the opinion of the specialist, the constant upward trend of refusing vaccination means that diseases such as measles or chickenpox will begin to appear again.

– The specialist noted that we did not eradicate all diseases. According to Rinke Zdrojá, she cited the example of measles: after the vaccination coverage rate decreased, not only in Poland but also in Europe, there was an increasing number of measles cases and deaths from measles. The professor noted that there is also a problem with whooping cough, which, although gently passed by adults, can be very dangerous for children, with deaths occurring both in Europe and the United States.

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a. Jakoska noted that vaccinations significantly reduced the incidence of polio and diphtheria. At the same time, she stressed that if we stop vaccinating, these diseases will definitely return.

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