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6 foods to avoid for kidney health

6 foods to avoid for kidney health

Toxins, excess salt, urea in the blood, excreta – all this will be excreted from the body thanks to the work of the kidneys. This inconspicuous, and even the organ under the diaphragm is already doing a “great job” for the body. People who, for various reasons, live with only one kidney or have to undergo dialysis, can better detect this on their own.

Unfortunately, we underestimate the importance of this precious organ on a daily basis. Even worse, we feed the kidneys with products that are inappropriate for their work. If we keep doing this for too long, the consequences will come quickly. Among them: damage, kidney failure, nephrolithiasis and other complications. Not to mention the consequences for the whole body. So what don’t you eat?

Products that negatively affect the work of the kidneys

canned meat

Canned meat usually contains preservatives and a large amount of salt. The composition of the typical canned meat never allows it to be put on the shelf with healthy food, but rather tossed in the trash. It is not allowed to eat such foods in kidney disease.


Although it makes almost every dish taste better, it is not a kidney ally. Consuming large amounts of salt is associated with deteriorating kidney function, as well as heart disease and water retention in the body. Be especially careful with salty snacks.


Found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, and foods, caffeine is a stimulant that increases blood flow and raises blood pressure. Excessive consumption of caffeine has also been linked to kidney stones.

instant soups

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Fast food dishes are bad for the kidneys, and the typical “Chinese soup” is a prime example. Instant foods are high in salt, trans fats, and calories. It’s not worth doing that with your kidneys – especially since it’s not too difficult to cook the soup yourself.

Sweetened soft drinks

Colored soft drinks that contain a large amount of sugar, preservatives and artificial additives do not help the kidneys work. Their high consumption is an increasingly serious problem. It can lead to diseases of civilization, such as diabetes.


Sugar is the enemy of health on many levels. Excess sugar not only leads to obesity, but also increases blood flow through the glomeruli, destroying them over time. In extreme cases, it can lead to diabetic kidney disease.
Sugar is found in sweets, of course, but also in bread, sauces, soft drinks, and processed products. Fruit is a source of natural sugar which is healthier than added sugars.

Kidney diet: what to eat?

In order for the kidneys to function efficiently and for a long time, it is recommended to follow a healthy and balanced diet full of vegetables, fruits and healthy sources of fat and protein. Also, remember to drink plenty of water. Experts recommend limiting meat consumption and completely giving up alcohol. As for salt, you can consume up to 6 grams per day, which is just over a teaspoon. Adequate amounts of calcium, vitamin C and D are also needed to maintain kidney health.

Other aspects of a healthy lifestyle are taken care of. Movement will help protect the urinary system from kidney stones, and avoiding unnecessary stress will help the body maintain its immunity. It is also recommended to maintain a healthy body weight.

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