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800 km from the house of the missing youth.

The 16-year-old girl, identified as Isabella, lives in Celle, Germany, and on the 22nd she was at home with her brother. On April 6, in Paris, France, 800 km from his hometown, he was found missing for two weeks.

At the time of her disappearance, Isabella had no idea what had happened to her. Today, she does not even remember who she is.

According to the German channel RDL, Isabella did not take money, cell phone or any other item indicating her whereabouts when she went missing from home. Relatives of the teenager have questioned why it took so long for French authorities to contact them, as the woman’s search had already begun.

Official sources say local agents initially had false personal data about the young woman, making it impossible to reunite with the woman. After meeting her father, Isabella did not recognize him. According to the teenager, she suddenly woke up in France, not knowing where she was or how she got there.

According to Celle’s police, the tests carried out on the young woman did not allow her to determine whether she was a victim of a crime. Even with endless results, Isabella is admitted to the hospital for treatment, where she is encouraged to regain her memory and family memories.

The father of the young girl believes that the stress caused by the Govt-19 infection and the anxiety about school duties may have caused the memory loss. Neuroscientist Thomas Tuning, however, does not believe the hypothesis of depression as the only trigger for a woman’s darkening. “There may be psychological social conflicts that existed before this,” he explained.

Cellit police spokeswoman Birkit Insinger said investigators were trying to find Isabella’s way to Paris to determine if anything had happened to her on the way or if she had met anyone along the way. “We have not been able to get any knowledge about this,” he said.

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