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8000 years of ban on Forza Horizon 5 to paint cars inappropriately •

8000 years of ban on Forza Horizon 5 to paint cars inappropriately •

It is about creation and use.

The Forza Horizon 5 community has reported ridiculously long bans on players creating or sharing incompatible car paints. An improper structure will result in a penalty of up to 8000 years.

Restricted players are not allowed to use any online features – including racing in multiplayer, displaying player creations, or using the auction house.

one example It is a plaque with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, stylized as an emblem with Harland Sanders, founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain. Next to the politician’s photo, there is also the hashtag #SendAtomówki, as well as the Nike logo that has been transformed into “Nuke”. In this case, the inappropriate graphic creator is blocked.

Source: AllThingsRacing on Reddit

There is also a screen with evidence of the ban – at the time of reading the message from the Forza Horizon team, the penalty was 69,934,498 hours, which is just over 7,978 years.

Source: AllThingsRacing on Reddit

another player They were punished Siege 8 thousand. Years to use the stickers with superheroes and other female characters with an exposed neck or in mysterious poses. One of the images has been placed below, while the rest can be seen Here.

One of the paintings the forbidden used. Source: git-regret on Reddit

As Forza Horizon 5 fans reported, many of the people who got banned had never been sanctioned in the game before, and who ???????????????????????? ?????? Can not appeal. The decisions were not preceded by any warnings.

research: Forza Horizon 5 – Guide and Tips

The community is waiting for a response from Playground Games. The issue is already high, so maybe the developers will decide to change the ban rules.

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