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860 people are expected to lose their jobs. Extras at the MAN Bus Factory

860 pracowników ma stracić pracę w starachowickim zakładzie MAN Truck – oświadczył po południu zarząd firmy. Producent poinformował, że zwolnienia są spowodowane koniecznością restrukturyzacji w związku z trudną sytuacją gospodarczą.

The company’s management announced this afternoon that 860 employees will lose their jobs at the MAN Truck plant in Starachowice. The producer stated that the layoffs came due to the need for restructuring due to the difficult economic situation.

In a statement sent to the media, MAN Truck and Bus SE announced that it has adopted a comprehensive set of measures to restructure its bus business. Sales in this area were reported to decline from about 7,400 vehicles in 2019 to about 4,600 in 2021, while about 2,800 buses were sold in the first nine months of 2022.

“Due to the deterioration of the general economic situation due to the war in Ukraine and the associated increase in material and energy costs, in the short and medium term Great improvement in the market and sales situation can not be expectedHence the development of the bus business. For these reasons, it is necessary to urgently adjust the structure of this field of work, ”- said the company.

In order to continue to be able to respond flexibly to market demands, especially in Europe, both of the company’s two bus manufacturers – in Ankara (Turkey) and Starsawice (Poland) – will continue production. However, as stipulated, this will require adjusting the daily production capacity to match current developments in the market.

“In the future, the Polish production plant in Starachowice will produce eight bus units per day instead of the current twelve.” – Explained the quote in the statement by Michael Kupresia, a member of the Board of Directors for Production and Logistics Management at MAN Truck and Bus SE. “This planned reduction in production capacity will force us to do so Filter 860 jobs At the factory in Starachowice. We have informed the factory employees about this and will now consult the trade unions, ”- he added.

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“MAN recognizes its social responsibility and intends to work with trade unions in the coming weeks to find viable solutions for the company and employees of Starachovice,” the statement emphasized. It is planned, inter alia, to introduce employees affected by the restructuring of employment in the MAN network, “for example at a truck plant in Krakow or a plant in Banovce (Slovakia)”.

The head of NSZZ Solidarność at the company from Starachowice, Jan Seweryn, said that the labor unions have been officially notified of the layoffs. “The volume of planned demobilization is quite large, about 30 percent. crew. We will try to negotiate. Hopefully, layoffs will be at least partially reduced. Although during today’s interview, the president of Cobb Refrigerator hinted that there was no going back on these layoffs, he said.

As the trade union representative pointed out, the board’s announcements indicate that there will be mass layoffs at the plant. It is expected that messages related to this matter will be sent to trade unions and labor offices next week. “For 30 days from the date of delivery of these letters, we will have time to negotiate with the administration” – added Seweryn.

The MAN Bus Factory in Starachowice has about 3,500 employees.

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