October 18, 2021

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9 apps were stealing data. Uninstall it from your phone

9 malicious apps that stole Facebook login credentials have been identified in the Play Store on Android. Although Google has removed it from the platform, users themselves have to uninstall it from their smartphone.


Malicious apps are described in security report by Dr.Web. The list includes, among others, a photo editor, a program to improve memory in a smartphone, an application that offers a horoscope or a program for people interested in fitness. all special Apps have been downloaded nearly 6 million times in total.

Dr.Web Security Specified in Trojan horse programs Described in this case as Android.PWS.Facebook.13. Main The goal is to steal your Facebook login details Via a made model shown in the apps. The stolen data is used for other scams – for example, as a basis for carrying out a popular scam recently Scams “on Blik”.

Malicious Android Apps – Remove Them

Fortunately, Android users who have never downloaded any of the infected apps are now safe – Google has removed them from the Play Store. Others should, though Make sure to remove Trojan apps from your smartphones. Recognized software that has been found to steal Facebook logins and passwords include:

  • Image Processing
  • Keep lock app
  • rubbish cleaner
  • Horoscope Daily
  • B towers
  • App lock manager
  • Locket Master
  • Enoil Fitness
  • PiP image