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“90 percent of Ukrainians are ready to live with a shortage of electricity for up to three years.” Black Spots on NASA Photos | News from the world

"90 percent of Ukrainians are ready to live with a shortage of electricity for up to three years."  Black Spots on NASA Photos |  News from the world

“The electricity situation is difficult in almost all regions,” Volodymyr said in the evening. “However, we are slowly moving away from a complete blackout.” Zensky. He added that the main problems with electricity include: in Kyiv (there, in the evening, he did not have up to 70% of the population, Friday morning – 50 percent), as well as in Odessa, Lviv, Poltava, KharkivOr Kherson, or Zhytomyr, or Dnipropetrovsk.

After electricity was restored in part of Kyiv in the evening, residents responded with an explosion of euphoria – which can be seen in the recordings below:

Ukraine – it’s getting dark, but the Ukrainians declare: “We are ready to put up with it”

“If there is no electricity or heat in your city for more than 12 hours, take advantage One of our fixed points [pracują tam generatory prądu – red.]Zelensky resumed, adding that four thousand such points had already been established, and more would be added.Russia He wants Ukrainians not only to be deprived of light and heat, but also not to be able to communicate with each other, to be aloof. (…) Thank you. We’ve been through nine months of this all-out war, and Russia hasn’t found a way to break us. And he won’t find it! “

Ukrainians do what they can – Anton Herashchenko, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, showed a photo of a girl whose parents drove her to a gas station so that she could use an inhaler:

He also offered his meal by candlelight, and added in another entry: “Without electricity, we can see more clearly what Russia really is.”

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The largest power outage yet in Ukraine after the bombing on November 23 looked like this in NASA images:

More photos of Ukraine from space can be found here over here.

In shelters, teachers teach us theory.

Journalists – paid. Those from “Kyiv Independent” – they also work by candlelight:

Such as Musicians of the Kyiv Philharmonic And students of the Kyiv Academy of Fine Arts who are still attending classes. These courses are conducted in Ukrainian universities in mixed or remote mode. – Our lecturers, suspecting that the winter will be difficult, have set the class schedule so that as many practical classes as possible are held at the beginning of learning. When the anti-aircraft alarm starts – we go down to the shelter. Of course, we can’t draw there, so the lecturers don’t get lost time – They teach us theory in shelters, – said 19-year-old Halina from Kyiv in an interview with PAP.

On Friday, the first lady, Olena Zelenska, also spoke out about the lack of electricity. In an interview with BBC (Interviewed in Kyiv) He said: – We have already gone through so many different trials, we have seen so many victims and so much destruction that a power outage is not the worst thing that can happen to us.

“We are ready to put up with it,” she added. She also cited a recent poll in which 90 percent of Ukrainians said they were ready to live with electricity shortages for two to three years if they saw the prospect of joining the European Union, reports the BBC.

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