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A 4 meter giant was spotted off the coast of the United States. This is the location from “jazz” – o2

A 4 meter giant was spotted off the coast of the United States.  This is the location from "jazz" - o2

According to the Daily Mail, the shark found near Jersey Beach is not anonymous. This nearly 4 meter white shark Ironbound – 20-year-old predator comes from Nova Scotia, which is being observed by scientists from the marine research team Ocearch.

Large white shark near Jersey beach. Is there any cause for concern?

The presence of half a ton of predators has caused concern among people in the Jersey Beach area. It takes place elsewhere, due to the region’s glorious past.

Between July 1 and July 12, 1916, numerous shark attacks occurred off the coast of New Jersey about 130 miles[130 km]away. As a result of the hunters’ actions, four people died, and one – 12 years old – was practically pulled out of the attacker’s jaw, but her leg had to be amputated at knee level.

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It was the events of 1916 that inspired Peter Benchley, author of the book “Szczęki”. Based on that, a cult film of the same name was made. But Ocearch’s Bob Hueter assures Jersey Beach that they have no reason to be afraid of a predator.

Bob Houter explains that the Ironbound will only be temporary in Florida. The big white shark goes to warmer areas in the winter and to gain weight, and if there is enough weather for people to relax on the beaches and enter the water, they will leave them.

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