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A call for a stronger fight against lung disease

A call for a stronger fight against lung disease

During the Karpacz Economic Forum, experts and patient organizations called for strategic measures to strengthen the prevention of infectious respiratory diseases, including pneumonia.

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The recommendations of the Carpathian Declaration of Health include, among other things, vaccinations for life, stronger protection for people at risk of serious diseases and the use of the potential of all medical professions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the seriousness of infectious respiratory diseases to humans and health systems. Lung disease is one of the most common causes of death and the cost of hospitalization. Therefore, the health problem is serious and will increase in addition to the aging of the population and the possibility of epidemics. At the same time, we can mitigate or eliminate many of these diseases at a relatively low cost through preventive vaccinations (eg against influenza, pneumococcus, whooping cough, COVID-19).

Patients’ organizations and experts at the Karpacz Economic Forum called for strategic measures to combat preventable infectious respiratory diseases. During the event, the organization’s Carpathian Health Declaration was presented, which contains six main recommendations.

The authors of the declaration are convinced that a high priority should be given to prevention, which, in addition to vaccinations, includes, among other things, early detection of the disease and the initiation of rapid treatment (the so-called fast track of the patient). Immunization programmes, which currently focus on children, must extend to all stages of life.

Special protection should be provided to people from risk groups, including the chronically ill and the elderly. Communication and education, two effective tools in combating misinformation, play a major role in building a safe healthcare system.

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The signatories to the declaration are aware of the limited health care resources, so they demand that pharmacists be given urgently the possibility of vaccination against respiratory diseases.

The declaration was signed by the patient organizations associated with the Alliance Against Infectious Diseases of the Respiratory “Poland Breathe Healthy”: Institute of Patient Rights and Health Education, Polish Diabetes Association, Federation of Amazon Societies, Polish Association of Cardiovascular Patients. Environmental Trade Diseases, Polish Federation of Societies for Asthma, Allergy and COPD.

The full text of the Carpathian Health Declaration is available over here.

The recommendations contained in the declaration will be the subject of discussion and further work with the medical community and experts in the coming months.

Press information source: Institute for Patient Rights and Health Education.


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