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A caterpillar on the American team of Olympic jumpers. And a scandal erupted. “It kills me”

A caterpillar on the American team of Olympic jumpers.  And a scandal erupted.  "It kills me"

In the line of American jumpers for the Olympics Beijing There were three players. This is Kevin Bigner, Casey Larson and Patrick Cassinica. While the presence of the first two is not a big surprise, Gasienica is an absolute surprise.

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A scandal in the United States. A jumper of Polish descent will fly to Beijing without qualification

And a corruption. Because American A native of Polish descent, his parents emigrated to the United States from Jakobane, where he did not qualify for this first trip to the Olympics. Cassinica has not appeared in the World Cup once, or even in second place, this season Liki FIS, the Continental Cup, his form was even weaker. He only scored in the worst-ever races in Zhangjiajou, playing in those stadiums as an informal Olympic.

His previous achievements – the individual World Championships at Seafield or the lack of promotion to either of the two competitions at the Flying World Championships in Blanica – are not promising. After all, he was not even at last year’s World Championships Oberstorf. So this decision of the Americans should be considered controversial. Because he has a player who is very worthy of his call. Bigner won the pre – Olympic trials at Lake Placity at the end of December, but only Decker Dean, Cassinica or Larson, finished second.

The FIS wanted to control them. They did not care, and they dominated the Jacobins

The decision of the Americans hurts Dean. There is no argument for a fire extinguisher

And his Results More weapons. In addition to having a good start in national competitions, he regularly competes World Cup And although he has not yet been raised to a “30” score, he has been very close to it this season. Ranked 35th in the Clinkers. He also scored in the Continental Cup at Oberstdorf. In this series, he was even able to jump on stage a season earlier – he was second in the competition at Willingdon.

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At best, his results will be better than Cassinica’s – he was close to reaching the final at the World Championships in Oberstdorf. Series In the normal mountain, he finished 33rd. So instead of speaking for Dean’s rival, it’s hard to find a small game argument. It is easy to conclude that this is a wrong, unreasonable decision and that Americans are not likely to pay in any way.

Jacques Volney during the Team Tab Tournament on January 15, 2022 in JakobaneFive poles of competition in Titisse-Neustadt. Only one left

“I like this game, but the political psyche in it is unhealthy and tiring.”

He tells himself that the only aspect of the game that went wrong was his withdrawal from the games Jumper In an Instagram post. “It takes a while to clear my head of what happened. I like this SportsBut sometimes the politics in it can be psychologically unhealthy and tiring. That organization decided not to send me to the Olympics. I did everything I could for the game and the game, but what happened killed me. I can write it paragraph by paragraph, but I do not have all the answers you ask. Two days were hard, but now I am in Titisee-Neustadt for the World Cup. This situation only set me on fire and I am ready to continue proving my worth throughout the winter, “Decker Dean wrote.

He will watch the Beijing Olympics, but for his friend Abigail Strait – Canadian Debutant jumper at this event. Dean wishes her “a childhood dream come true”.

Favorite Norge Sky Club? There are only jumpers on the U.S. team for Beijing

There were also some doubts about the direct reason for this choice in the United States. According to locals, all three athletes flying to the Beijing Olympics will be supported by the Norse Sky Club. Decker Dean is a steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club jumper.

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Harassment, harassment to the Olympic champion.  Won't fly to the Olympics?Harassment, harassment to the Olympic champion. Won’t fly to the Olympics?

Dean failed to qualify for the first series of Saturday’s match at DTC-Newsstat. The American finished 57th in the 99.5m and was just three jumpers ahead – Victor Bolaska of the Czech Republic, Mohamed Irfan Syndimer of Turkey and Jven Marusiak of Ukraine. He will get another chance in the qualifying round on Sunday. Meanwhile, Saturday’s match in Germany starts at 4:15 pm, with a test series scheduled an hour earlier. Direct coverage on and Live mobile app.

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