October 21, 2021

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A class in the training of Hertha Berlin.  The footballer could not stand up and went to the football coach

A class in the training of Hertha Berlin. The footballer could not stand up and went to the football coach

Kevin Prince Boateng Years ago, he was famous for his bloody nature and the fact that he doesn’t bite his tongue even when dealing with his superiors. Boss tested this a few days ago HEARTHY Pal Dardai who was attacked by Boateng in training.

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“It has become calmer around Sousa’s team. These games have to be won.”

A fellow Piątek teammate could not stand up and attacked the coach during training. “Can’t we talk about bad decisions?”

Boateng let go of his emotions in a seemingly trivial situation. According to him during games The Hungarian coach made unfavorable decisions for his team. Al-Dardai canceled out a goal scored by the 34-year-old. After that, Boateng couldn’t stand it and started walking towards the bus. “You always whistle against us,” the footballer exclaimed. The Hungarian replied that he had blown the whistle because he had suffered burns, but that did not reassure the player. – Can’t we talk about bad decisions? No? So you allow everything? German continued. According to Bild, their argument went on for a long time, and an angry Boateng had to be reassured by fellow bandmate David Silky.

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Such situations do not have a positive effect on the already bad atmosphere at FC Berlin. For several months, Hertha had plans for a superpower, but the start of the new season turned into a brutal clash with reality. The team occupies the fourteenth place with six points and a balance of goals 8-20. But in the last two rounds, Herta lost 0:6 with RB Lipsk and 1:2 with SC Freiburg.

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Kevin Prince Boateng He is a native of Berlin who started his career at Hertha. Before the start of the current season, the footballer returned to the club after 14 years. Despite making five Bundesliga appearances in the ongoing competition, he never finished any of the matches. So far, he hasn’t had a single goal or assists.