October 18, 2021

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A clear appeal from the ambassador to the Ukrainians on historical issues

A clear appeal from the ambassador to the Ukrainians on historical issues

It would be naive to think that when Russia takes over such a powerful tool as Nord Stream 2, it will not use it for political purposes – said the Polish ambassador in Kiev, Bartos Cechowki, in an interview with the Ukrainian portal glavcom.ua, published on Thursday.

Nord Stream 2 is not a commercial project.”

The ambassador spoke on site about the Nord Stream 2 project, security in the region, historical issues, Ukrainian immigration to Poland, and vaccination against Covid-19.

Nord Stream 2 is not a commercial project, but a geopolitical one, the consequences of its implementation for security in the region will be very harmful.

– Said Sechuki.

Russia has used energy tools for 30 years to achieve political goals. So it would be naive to think that once she had in her hands a powerful tool like NS2, she would not use it to achieve a political goal.

– Evaluated by a Polish diplomat.

It is very disgraceful that this project was implemented during the armed aggression against Georgia and Ukraine

He added, noting that the profits from the pipelines would not be spent on investments or repairs, but on missiles and tanks.

Ciechoki noted that Poland plans to continue taking measures to persuade allies, including Germany and the United States, to stop the implementation of this project.

As far as security is concerned, the ambassador estimated that the biggest challenge now is to agree that a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, a nuclear power, can tread on international law.

If we agree to it, it will continue to do so

– Cautious.

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When asked what he thought was the purpose of the recent mobilization of Russian forces near Ukraine, he replied that analyzing Moscow’s goal was not the most important thing.

The bottom line is that Russia should not do that. Because such measures are not conducive to trust and cooperation in Europe


Of course, Russia wants to achieve a political goal. This is indicated by the steps it has already taken in 2014

– The diplomat has been added. He said that Moscow desires “a de facto federation of Ukraine, and that some regions in Donbass have veto power against the external aspirations of the central government (in Kiev – PAP) and internal reforms”.

The worst part is that Russia is absolutely unpredictable


There are steps in the right direction.”

Glavcom.ua also asked the ambassador about historical issues. Cichocki noted that it was discussed, among other things, by the level of Presidents Andrei Duda and Volodymyr Zelensky, and the Institutes of National Remembrance in both countries.

I wouldn’t say that we are currently very successful in terms of historical memory, but there are steps in the right direction. A working group has been set up from both institutes and they are currently discussing the topic of burials, exhumations and work permits online.

– pointed out.

It’s good that we moved from monologue to dialogue mode. The former Ukrainian office had promised this dialogue several times, but nothing was done. There is still much to be resolved. But today we are united by the understanding that problems need to be solved

– said the ambassador.

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He noted that he believed in Ukraine that the Law and Justice party came to power thanks to the rhetoric of exacerbating historical issues “and thus all the problems.”

But thinking this way is a big mistake and won’t help solve the problem. When you want to join NATO and the European Union, these problems must be resolved. I do not understand how this can be done during the erection of memorials to those who committed mass murders who were part of the SS units وحدات

– Cichocki has been added.

The conflict in Donbass

The interview also covered the topic of negotiations to resolve the conflict in the Donbass and a possible change in the so-called Normandy format (including Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine).

We all understand that the problem is not the form but the lack of political will to end this conflict. It also seems to me that participation in such a way forces us to assume the role of mediator. Germany and France are forced to act as mediators. It will be very difficult for us (ie Poland – PAP) to be a mediator between the victim and the villain, because we are on the side of the victim and our role in case of Russian aggression against Georgia or Ukraine is to change the final compromise towards the victim in order to guarantee their rights. I think we can do more outside of this format

– pointed out.

When asked if Warsaw was mentioned for this reason as a possible place to transfer talks from Minsk, he replied that he did not know whether such a change was under consideration, and he had heard about this idea in an interview with former Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk. . He also stressed that if there was a desire to organize such talks in Warsaw or Krakow, Poland would be ready for this from a logistical point of view.

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