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A family vacation in Mallorca has turned into a nightmare. The 6-year-old died

A family vacation in Mallorca has turned into a nightmare.  The 6-year-old died

Corey Augie, 6, Z Great Britain Three days he fought for his life in a local hospital. After the boy began drowning in the pool, he was in a critical condition to the intensive care unit. However, the doctors did not manage to save the 6-year-old’s life.

It was meant to be a heavenly family vacation. Tragedy happened on the first day

Corey Oggy from Belfast (northern Ireland) With his relatives, he stayed in a hotel in the popular resort of Sa Coma. According to local media, the 6-year-old’s parents were missing for only a few minutes. When they saw him again, it was too late The boy was floating in the water in the hotel pool, face down. Rescue teams who arrived at the scene immediately attempted resuscitation. For 30 minutes, they tried to restore the boy’s vital functions, and then he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. There, doctors fought for his life for three days.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

After the boy’s death, the main problem for his family was the transportation of the body from Mallorca to Great Britain. Strangers helped quickly and provided financial support. quotes a relative of the 6-year-old deceased.



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