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A famous comedian advised Kate Middleton… “She should put up” four-year-old Louis. Exaggerate?

A famous comedian advised Kate Middleton... "She should put up" four-year-old Louis.  Exaggerate?

Princess Kate And the Prince WilliamAlthough rumors of infidelity from the royal family surface regularly, it proves to the British that they are happily married. The couple had three children: George, Charlotte and Louis. Most often, it is the older children who accompany their parents during official meetings, but it happens that the youngest Louis has a chance to show himself to the public. We already know that when he does, the whole world is talking about him.

Prince William’s wife visited the sports ground in Twickenham some time ago, where she told more about her children. She admitted that she and her husband are a little worried about their son, because he is constantly bursting with energy.

It’s kamikaze. We’re worried this won’t pass him by when he gets older – revealed during the conversation.

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The active little boy can also be observed in the stands during Elizabeth’s second jubilee. The media around the world circulated photos and videos in which Lewis shows a group of mines to the assembled people. It turns out that not everyone finds their behavior “nice” because David Spade Try the somewhat controversial comment on the prince’s child.

It’s funny to look at Kate Middleton at a jubilee celebration or whatever she was a part of at the time and see her three-year-old go around shooting faces and telling her to shut up. I think she would have helped Kris if she hit the kid then – Burst in the air.

The comedian added that the event would surely overshadow Will Smith’s success, as it would be the second “hit” the whole world had been gossiping about.

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Honestly, it’s true that today’s kids are very spoiled. She taps the heads of adults to get mutual consent

I was born a long time ago and in those days it was normal to hit a child with a belt or cable … I had an injury so far, people raise their arm in the street and hide my head. I am not from a sick drunk family. The father had a store or a teacher. Was he only with me?

Children do not fight. Children are naughty sometimes. it’s normal. It is a natural process of growing and shaping yourself that should not be stopped by the use of physical force because it causes personality problems afterwards. This is the time when children are told how the world works and that behaviors are always allowed, only allowed in certain situations, and never allowed. Of course, punishment is part of life. If the child does not listen, the consequences can be drawn, as for adults, for example, the consequences of the police or court. For example, you can deprive him of the privilege of watching a cartoon in the evening, but never be afraid of a child, because the only thing you will achieve is a personality disorder when the child grows up and you bring to the world a lot. unhappy adult

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He probably got it more than once in his childhood. Violence begets violence

Yes, there are limits.

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32 minutes ago

This child has autism.

She saw how young he was behaving, she should have gone out with him and explained to him how to behave. She preferred to smile and pretend that everything was fine.

I understand that children in the United States are beaten up in the same preventive way and that is why school shootings, organized by white psychologists from national and traditional families, happen once a week.

To all hitters – if you do something wrong as your boss thinks, let him beat you – according to your advice, for better order and respect.

Children are very annoying

At the conference someone said something wise I got slapped and I grew up to be an educated man

Well, he looks like a very naughty boy

Children must already be born adults. I hope that will be the case one day. It is worth omitting this whole period in a person’s life, which is childhood.

My children did not act like this, the little one is sly, rude, blocking his mother’s mouth with a torn hand, you can see that they let him do anything. Don’t smile stupidly

And I’m more interested in why the gate has been carrying the colors of Sweden for some time? After the flood, we have more than Germany! L for the second world. What is the ?!

Folks, this is three years old. All those who commented that this is an exaggeration – have you ever called a three-year-old? 😅

Of course he was right.

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