October 23, 2021

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A former spokeswoman has revealed Melania Trump's secrets.  Nickname "Rapunzel", games with her husband and a famous jacket |  world News

A former spokeswoman has revealed Melania Trump’s secrets. Nickname “Rapunzel”, games with her husband and a famous jacket | world News

Stephanie Grisham is one of the few people who decided to write a book after leaving the Donald Trump administration. Grisham served as the White House spokeswoman and was the first to hold a press conference. She also performed, inter alia, as the first lady’s spokeswoman and head of her team. This is what Melania Trump received the most “injury” in the book of a former co-worker.

A spokeswoman for Donald Trump said the book was “a deplorable attempt to take advantage of the president’s power and sell lies about the Trump family.” His wife’s office said Grisham was a weak supporter and unprofessional behavior in the White House. “Through lies and betrayal, it is trying to gain prominence at Mrs. Trump’s expense,” she said.

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Melania Trump bids farewell to the role of the first lady in her talk about the “Great United American Family”

Editors CNNWhoever read the book before the premiere, wrote a few of the most interesting books thingsWhat we learned about Melania from Gresham:

Melania Trump reads “with great concern” the news about herself

As CNN wrote, although the former first lady seemed indifferent to many things, including what the media had said about her, it was very different according to Grisham.

Trump was expected to read all press excerpts very carefully, and so did her husband and all of his children. The first lady was supposed to have Google alerts to her name, and she would receive alerts whenever there was a new mention. The spokeswoman was getting a lot of text messages a day asking if she should respond to something reported in the media.

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The nickname “Rapunzel”, always at home

Secret Service agents gave her the preposition “Rapunzel” in honor of a fairy-tale character imprisoned by a witch in a high tower. why? Melania spent most of her time in the living quarters of the White House. Melania has only appeared a few times in the first lady’s East Wing office during her tenure times.

The first lady was spending a lot of time taking care of herself, including sleeping. On the other hand, Melania’s main “work” in the White House was the classification and arrangement of photos in albums.

Conflict with “Princess” Ivanka

Off the cameras, the tension between the two most important women in Donald Trump’s life was powerfully palpable. For Melania, the problem is especially that Ivanka wanted to be the center of attention and participated in her father’s trips abroad.

Trump’s wife was ready to stand strong especially when Ivanka wanted to play an important role during her visit to the UK.

Melania wanted to embarrass her husband after reports of affairs

Grisham confirms what we saw for ourselves – after Trump’s accusations of having an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels and how the president was supposed to handle the accusations – Melania has distanced herself from her husband. “I had a feeling Mrs. Trump was ashamed and wanted him to be ashamed,” Grisham writes.

Melania, among other things, had to drive a separate car to the airport because – as the writer said – she didn’t want to look like Hillary Clinton, who sided with her husband after the scandal with Monica Levinsky.

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The former spokeswoman was also ordered to search for a handsome soldier to accompany the first lady. Gresham thinks this was meant to be a spite of her husband.

Melania Trump’s famous jacket

Gresham devotes an entire chapter to the book Jacket Melania, who was wearing it while visiting the immigration center. On the back is “I really don’t care.” The former spokeswoman herself doesn’t know why Trump chose to wear such a dress, but she doesn’t think she’s particularly bothered by the criticism.

Even on the flight back from Texas, when the media published pictures of her in the jacket, Melania had the idea to cross out her “no” and accuse the press of misrepresenting her “message.”

At the White House, Donald Trump had to address his wife with the following words: “What are you up to? damn it Have you ever thought? Melania, still wearing her jacket, was sitting and smiling.