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A giant asteroid will fly over Earth. ‘Potentially dangerous’

A giant asteroid will fly over Earth.  'Potentially dangerous'

outlet ScienceAlert, which reports on scientific research and discoveries, reassures that a visit to an asteroid twice the size of the Empire State Building in New York would be safe. The asteroid will fly into the distance 1.93 million kilometers from Earth, or roughly 5.15 times the distance between Earth and the Moon. Calculations of its trajectory indicate that there is no danger of it hitting the ground anytime soon. It will be visible to amateur astronomers.

“The closest approach will occur on January 18 at 16.51 (22.51 Polish time). Known as asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1, this space rock was discovered in 1994 by astronomer Robert McNutt at Siding Spring Observatory in Australia,” . ScienceAlert.

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As he added, her last close encounter occurred 89 years ago, on January 17, 1933, at a slightly shorter, but still safe, distance of 1.1 million kilometers. The next convergence will happen on January 18, 2105, at a similar distance from the ground. An asteroid of this size is expected to hit Earth only once in every 600,000. years.

According to ScienceAlert, the current close-up image will allow astronomers to learn more about this type of rocky S-type asteroid, which belongs to the Apollo asteroid group. He explains that they are the most widespread asteroid that we know of and have an orbit length similar to Earth. Asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 It orbits the Sun every year and 7 months on Earth, at a distance of 0.9 to 1.8 times that of Earth.

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The asteroid will travel at amazing speeds of about 19.56 kilometers per second relative to the Earth, which means that it will look similar to a star. (…]It can’t be seen with the naked eye or through binoculars, but it will be visible with at least a six-inch telescope, predicts Eddie Irisari of, citing ScienceAlert.

NASA is currently implementing a DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission. In November last year, it launched a probe toward the asteroid Didymus (65803)Its task is to check whether it can be pushed off course due to the impact, To save the earth from disaster in case of danger.

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