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A giant NASA rocket at the launch site. Journey around the moon

A giant NASA rocket at the launch site.  Journey around the moon

US space agency It just announced its new plans to return Americans to the Moon and colonize it through the Artemis Program. At the same time, a missile was sent to the launch site space launch systemWhich will soon carry the Orion capsule on board with the astronauts. You will go on a mission around the natural satellite of our planet.

But before that happens, we’ll see a drone flight. It is due to be done by the end of the year. during Artemis-1 mission, the SLS rocket will bring the Orion capsule into orbit and send it on a trip around the Moon. The task is to last 5 days. The missile will be launched from the 39B complex.

The first attempts at this event took place in April of this year. Unfortunately, NASA has encountered serious technical problemsSo the car was returned to the fold and modified. The engineers now want to do more tests, and if they go according to plan, we will be just one step away from the maiden flight of this 98-meter giant.

– The teams will work to secure the Space Launch System missile, Orion spacecraft and a mobile launcher for ground support equipment. Their mission is to ensure that the rocket is in a safe position in preparation for the upcoming refueling test, NASA said in a statement.

NASA officials revealed that as part of Artemis-3 missionA pair of astronauts will land on the moon. Perhaps the first woman in history was a crew member. The crew has Spend about 7 days at the Silver Globe and perform a series of tasks during this time. This mission is scheduled to begin in 2025.

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