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A great development in the Polish match in the League of Nations

A great development in the Polish match in the League of Nations

Poland won the first set and led almost the entire second match. Suddenly the Italians changed the game. Piao Zironi lost 1:3 in the League of Nations and this is the first defeat under coach Nikola Gerbic.

Sebastian Szczekowski

The Polish national team in the match against Italy

Press materials / International Volleyball Federation / Poland in the match against Italy

Poland did not follow through with their 3-0 win over Argentina. Experts argued before the second match whether the more difficult task was to beat the bronze medalists of the Olympic Games or to beat the European champions. It was certain, in turn, that in previous editions of the League of Nations the White-Reds had not failed either with Albicelestes or with Italy. But the first time has come.

Grbi raised in the initial setup. Other players appeared in it: host Rafai Szimora and midfielder Mateusz Puriba. Jan Verlig played again, this time diagonally with striker Karol Buterin. Tomas Fornall and Jakob Kochanowski contributed a little bit of experience.

After a level start, the Poles were the first to accelerate. On Mateusz Poręba’s websites, they reversed the score 8:10 to 12:10. Aside from the active mid-laner, Jan Firlej can count on Karol Butryn’s potency. Added ace for good counterattack at 22:18. The Italians tried to chase, and Thomas Fornal’s blocking helped tame their pursuit. With the same element, Poland scored a point at 25:21 and won the only set that night.

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Poland stayed in attack and after another win from Buterin, they were happy with a 4:1 score to open the second set. With the score 9: 5 for the Polish team, Ferdinando de Giorgi, angry at the situation, asked for a break. This, along with the changes, awakened the Italians. The end of the tour returns to Italy. She scored four points in a row and turned the score from 20:22 to 24:22. Not so long later, the Italians got a point at 25:23 as a gift, and the Poles had something to regret.

The match was 1-1, Poland lost the first set in the Grbi period, losing their reds match. The question was how he would react to the hitherto unknown problems in Ottawa. Her reaction was bad. With a score of 5:11, Serbian Bartosz Koalek submitted to Tomas Fornal. It wasn’t a magic spell, and the impulsive Italians won the third match 25:20.

In the fourth set, the fight was already even and the lead moved from one side to the other side of the net. The Italians withstood the pressure and halted the latest attack on the Grbit accusations. It was 20:20, after which the European champions won five consecutive balls, a set of 25:20 and the whole match 3:1.

Poland lost the first match in the League of Nations. She was not able to take advantage of a good start and gave the lead to her opponents. It will also face in Ottawa, Bulgaria and France.

Poland – Italy 1:3 (25:21, 23:25, 20:25, 20:25)

Poland: Firlej, Fornal, R. Szymura, Kochanowski, Poręba, Butryn, Popiwczak (Libero), Kozub, Kwolek, Kłos, Muzaj

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Italia: Romano, Galassi, Potolo, Ricin, Cortesia, Giannelli, Piccinelli (Libero), Gironi, Vitelli, Mosca

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