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A huge asteroid is flying towards Earth. Scientists didn’t notice it sooner! :: Magazine :: RMF FM

A huge asteroid is flying towards Earth.  Scientists didn't notice it sooner!  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Scientists are amazed. A telescope has spotted a large asteroid 2022 RM4 flying towards our planet. Although it had to move, the scientists decided to monitor the object closely and described it as “potentially dangerous.”

Asteroid 2022 RM4 flies towards Earth

The first mention of the father. Asteroid 2022 RM4 It appeared on September 12. Hawaii telescope Banstars 2 Discover this thing that surprised scientists. it is expected that The length of the asteroid can reach 740 meters, It is the size of the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the space object is flying fast 85,000 kilometers per hour. In the event of a crash, it is easy to destroy a big city! This is why the news about the asteroid caused such a stir. Scientists have calculated that It will pass our planet on November 1 and will be very close – only six times farther from the moon!

“Potentially dangerous object”

Although the accounts clearly show it The asteroid will not collide with our planet, Scientists called it A potentially dangerous object. what does that mean? If an asteroid hits something that changes its course during its journey, Earth may be in danger. Scientists reassure Internet users who may be afraid of this information. The object remains under vigilant observation, Although some still find it surprising the fact of it It was noticed at the last minute!

However, it is worth adding that scientists have succeeded recently Successfully tested modern technology that allows you to change the trajectory of an object flying towards our planet. This greatly increases our protection against asteroids!

Two large black holes are about to collide. Is there anything to be afraid of?

A black hole is a truly amazing and mysterious phenomenon. The most significant will be the moment of the collision of two supermassive black holes. Scientists are sure that will happen soon.

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