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a. Kleber: Science and education as well as belief in knowledge are the carriers…

Members of the European Parliament in the House of Representatives Health Committee call for vaccination...

Science, education and belief in knowledge are the engines of good development in a rapidly changing and challenging world, believes the eminent scientist, former Minister of Science and Computing and former Chairman of the Scientific Research Committee, Prof. Michael Kleber.

“We are facing huge challenges – education, science and belief in knowledge as a means of good development is the absolute key for me. The pandemic is not the only challenge we face – it is really important that we talk about what knowledge is, how it can help address problems and make us listen to people, and that will translate After that to obey the politicians, because they have to listen to the people in a democracy “- said the professor. Kleber during Thursday’s press conference in Dąbrowa Górnicza, which precedes the ceremony to be awarded the title of WSB Academy Honorary Doctor.

“I think many people believe that awareness of the importance of human knowledge and wisdom is gaining importance – without it we will not be able to adapt. I strongly believe that this need is growing” – he emphasized.

Among the phenomena that characterize today, he mentioned, among others, the limited availability of natural resources and the climatic conditions for their exploitation, which – he said – determine the necessity of a comprehensive and immediate change of many development strategies. Another major phenomenon of the world is the demographic situation and the rapid increase in the number of people – up to 10 billion in the middle of this century. The highest increase is observed in countries where – as noted by Prof. Clipper – showed their inability to take care of even the relative well-being of their fellow citizens. So – the prof expects. Clipper – The immigration problems of today are not compared to what lies ahead. This is linked to the inevitable conflicts related to multiculturalism, which are intensified by cultural changes within individual societies.

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“More sustainable and inclusive development requires extensive interdisciplinary research and active dissemination of its results, and hasty decisions can only exacerbate the situation. Of course, widely understood education, with university education at the fore, and the mission today is more important than ever” – Professor confirmed. Michael Kleber.

In his opinion, it is necessary to support societies that are unable to participate in the use of the achievements of modern knowledge. “This should affect our policy and how we should help them – especially in terms of education. These are things that will definitely decide about our future” – concluded the scientist. (PAP)

Author: Anna Gumułka

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