October 19, 2021

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a. Kozojic: We would like to make the Silesian Science Festival a platform for conversations with residents

The 5th Silesian Science Festival began on Saturday evening in Katowice. The intention of the organizers is to make the event a kind of platform for speaking to residents – PAP told the Rector of the University of Silesia in Katowice, Prof. Richard Kozyczyk.

Throughout Sunday, the festival will present fixed attractions at the Outdoor Science City in Raoua, on the University of Silesia campus. There are 200 planned science shows, 24 exhibitions, 14 stages, concerts, workshops, exhibitions and meetings. The online event will run from Monday to Friday.

In an interview with PAP, Festival General Manager A. Ryszard Kozycic noted that the previous edition of the event was held under the theme “Science is closer”. “This time we decided to get really close, to a very important place for Katowice: Rawa is an example of a very destructive nature” – he said.

“It could be said figuratively that this is a place where nature and civilization collide in an unfriendly embrace – and from this civilization emerged victorious. But we are reaping the result today – a challenge and a plea for the university, for the sake of science, and at the same time, because the problems we face as citizens, as individuals and as a society , in a way, is present in our square, as we say in Silesia, that is, in our yard ”- values ​​the rector.

“The idea of ​​holding a festival in Rawa, dictated primarily by the Corona virus and the need for security, has become an opportunity and an excuse to turn our eyes to a space that has been environmentally degraded by the action of applied science, but can be revitalized through science ”- emphasized the Professor. Kozyk, referring to the university’s efforts to revitalize Rawa, at least between the market square and the campus.

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“We would also like to remind you that having a university by urban communities is a great capital: it is an opportunity to get great support in the various problems our societies face. I would like universities to be public research centers where citizens and communities are groups and institutions can ask questions about how to live and how Dealing with various matters ”- pointing out.

“You can ask what is real and what is not, what science says and get justification for expectations, claims and demands on power or against ourselves. This potential of the university is untapped. We are huge educational and scientific beings with goals and objectives. They implement them, but often They define it very narrowly: one has to come up with a new vaccine or a new combination, ”- explained the rector.

“Then we show that science is great. At the same time, there are hundreds of problems around us, which, thanks to science or with the help of science, can be understood first, because that is what we are basically to diagnose and describe reality, and then – to create reform models of the festival. We would like to create such a platform to talk to residents, ”- emphasized the professor. Billy the goat.

The Silesian Science Festival in Katowice is one of the largest popular science events in Poland and Europe, visited by a total of 150,000 people in all previous sessions. Persons. It is organized by nine universities from the region, and the leader and initiator of the project is the University of Silesia in Katowice.

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The ŚFN Partner event is the 16th Night for Scientists at the Silesian University of Technology, which also takes place on October 9th. As part of this, the scientists prepared more than 100 proposals to promote the participants – the workshops will be open to participants by visiting studios and laboratories, and the lectures will be broadcast online.