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A Kremlin spokesman asked about the sinking of the Moscow ship. great reaction

A Kremlin spokesman asked about the sinking of the Moscow ship.  great reaction

A Kremlin spokesperson spoke at a press conference where most questions related to the next stage of the “military operation”, as Moscow officially calls the invasion of Ukraine. Peskov did not want to reveal accurate information about the intentions of the Russian army, sending journalists to the Ministry of Defense.

A spokesman for Vladimir Putin also refused to comment on the loss suffered by the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the war with Ukraine. And 37 people were killed on board the Russian ship Moscow, which sank last week as a result of bombing by Ukrainian missiles. – All communications are carried out exclusively through the Ministry of Defense. The Kremlin spokesperson replied that all information on this subject is provided by the Ministry of Defense, and we have no right to report it.

Instead, those gathered at the press conference listened to the persistent Russian narrative that the Kremlin had been serving for too long. – Peskov argued, but did not provide any evidence to support his thesis – today our compatriots still face the disgusting manifestations of Russophobia in various countries of the world, and we find them revolting and unacceptable.

The Kremlin spokesman was also asked about the offer made by Viktor Medvedchuk to Moscow. The Ukrainian politician suggested replacing himself with the residents and defenders of the besieged Mariupol. But Peskov stated that “there will be no reaction from Moscow at the moment.”

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