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A legend is born at the Elden Ring. Let me alone is the new Leroy Jenkins

A legend is born at the Elden Ring.  Let me alone is the new Leroy Jenkins
April 14, 2022, 1:01 pm

author: Miriam “Mokosh” Moszczyńska

Not everyone has what it takes to become a legend. However, there are exceptions such as Let me solo her, which not only helps other Elden Ring players, but has also become a favorite of the community.

There are quite a few players who record gaming history through their actions. Probably the most famous of them world of cans Leroy Jenkins. Now he could have his successor. In the community elden ring Lately, there has been a lot of interest around the player Let Me Alone, who bravely supports others in a duel with Malenia..

Get up, you embellished one!

Which is let me alone? Well, this is a type A player that other users can summon to their game right before the duel with Malenia – a boss who is considered to be one of the toughest players in the world. elden ring.

However, this does not matter to me alone – he enters the battlefield wearing only underwear and … a bowl on his head. His weapon is a katana. You can see the hero in action below.

So far, there aren’t many let-me-alone followers, although we’re expecting one to come eventually. One user even created a 3D model inspired by the legendary warrior, in which he faces Radhan (although in this fight it is better to use the help of NPCs instead of players).

The player turned into a legend

Each community has its own inner jokes that only those who have played the game will understand. It probably wouldn’t be any different with Let Me alone, who’s already a fan elden ring He rose to the rank of living legend.

It is worth noting here that the first entry about the hero appeared only two days ago. The situation quickly gained momentum and the community created fan art or expressed its admiration through memes.

There were also films in which players, along with Let Me Alone, cross the Yellow Fog, leading directly to a duel with Malenia, and then admire how the hero defeats the opponent on his own (after all, this is his will). You can see some of the works created in honor of the legend below.

A legend is born at the Elden Ring.  Let Me Play It Alone is the new Leroy Jenkins - Illustration #2

Source: Reddit.

A legend is born at the Elden Ring.  Let me play it alone is the new Leroy Jenkins - Illustration #3

3D model Let me alone while fighting Malenia made by the same user who created the work with Radhan. Source: Reddit, u / etherealSTEVE

A legend is born at the Elden Ring.  Let Me Play It Alone is the new Leroy Jenkins - Illustration #4

Let me alone – honest Chad. Source: Reddit, u / donderboom

Works created by fans elden ring There is, of course, much more than that and perhaps more than one work inspired by the legend Let Me Do It Alone. Anyway, you will find it here Tarot card with a heroAnd More fans And single player accountThat let me single-handedly helped during the fight. It remains only to say that a true legend lives among us.

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