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A lethal way to deal with ticks. balsam fir

A lethal way to deal with ticks.  balsam fir

A team of researchers found that both Balsam fir needles as well as the essential oil of balsam fir needles can act as a Natural repellent for ticks.

It all started with the professor. Shelley Adamo of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, who noticed that ticks on her property in the South Shore, where balsam fir is densely grown, could not survive until next spring. So Adamo decided to investigate the effects of fir balm Individuals of the genus Ixodes – Ixodes scapularis. Known as deer tick, black-legged tick, and in some parts of the United States as bear tick, it is a vector Lyme disease. The study lasted three years and the results were published in the journal Scientific Reports.

As the researchers described, the ticks were placed in test tubes in the field as well as in incubators that simulated winter temperatures. Then balsam fir oil or one of the main components of balsam fir oil was added to each test tube. Scientists found it Both substances kill winter ticks.

“Few natural products are as effective as fir balm. It kills almost 100% of winter ticks” – emphasized the professor. Shelley Adamo, whose words were remembered by Dalhousie University.

“Whole spruce needles took several weeks to kill winter ticks, while the essential oil was fatal within days at lower temperatures. Room temperature (20 degrees) reduced the essential oil’s effectiveness in killing ticks by 50 percent.” – We read.

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