July 28, 2021

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a.  Maciej Banach: The next wave of the Corona virus will be longer

a. Maciej Banach: The next wave of the Corona virus will be longer

a. Maciej Banach of the Medical University of Lodz expects a fourth wave of coronavirus infections and COVID-19 cases. “Although in terms of the number of people vaccinated it will be less – in terms of the daily number of infections – the fourth wave of the epidemic is inevitable,” he added, adding that the next wave may be longer than the next. its predecessors.

– It would be naive to say that the Delta formula would not attack Poland. Especially since we travel the world during summer vacation – the professor argued. – I think we have to prepare for that – he emphasized, but he stressed that it is difficult to determine now exactly when the fourth wave of the epidemic will come.

According to the doctor, the delta variant is the most dangerous type of coronavirus to date. “Delta is the most dangerous type of SARS-CoV-2, although we already hear about the Delta Plus or kappa variants,” he said. – I suppose there will be a lot of these variants of the coronavirus in the coming years – he admitted.

– The delta variant is dangerous because it is much more contagious than the alpha variant, that is, the British variant of the Corona virus – he mentioned it. Delta is 40 to 60 percent more contagious than previous variants. Banach noted that with this type of pathogen, complications from COVID-19 can be more serious.

The world has no doubts that at some point another vaccination against COVID-19 with another dose of the antiviral preparation will be needed. – Looking at the history of vaccines, in most cases we have “vaccines”, especially when new types of the pathogen appear – he explained.

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– Let’s take the example of influenza, a viral disease, which evolves a lot and therefore this vaccine practically every year is different – it takes into account the variants of the disease from recent years “- compare the professor.” That would be the case with coronavirus – expect. “There are indications that COVID-19 vaccines are effective so far against all known variants of the coronavirus, including up to 90 percent of cases against the delta variant,” Banak said.

The professor, despite – as he put it – the relatively reasonable price of antiviral preparations, tends to maintain free vaccinations by the government.

– Noting the current readiness for vaccination against COVID-19, I fear that this payment element for the injection will make fewer people want to undergo the procedure – he argued. – This suggests that the next doses of vaccines should be free – the professor argued. Banach.