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A must have for the little programmer. What tools to learn programming should be purchased for a child?

A must have for the little programmer. What tools should be purchased for a child to learn programming?

Games that entertain, educate and develop the creativity of a young child – this is the goal of every parent. If your child shows a talent for computer science and programming, invest in equipment that will deepen his interests and passions. We suggest the tools that cannot be missing in a little programmer’s kit!

It is no coincidence that it is said that what soaks the crust in its youth is old age. Young children learn from the first moments of their lives, and the knowledge and experiences gained in childhood greatly influence their adult life. Therefore, one should not ignore and downplay the interests of the child. Of course, often after time it turns out that it was a temporary infatuation, but it also happens that an innocent children’s hobby develops and over time becomes a real passion and direction for professional development.

Talents are like any other area of ​​life – we discover them through trial and error. However, in order to find out if a child is really predisposed in a particular area, we must give him a field to learn and discover. In times when technology is at the fore, the best guide in the world of knowledge is smart electronic equipment – especially in the science of programming. Does your child show an interest in this topic? The following games and tools will surely help him deepen and develop this passion.

The first educational games for a young programmer.

We discourage you from having your toddler sit in front of a computer screen and teach him or her complex algorithms. The early years of a child’s life should be characterized by carefree play, but who said that learning cannot go hand in hand? The mind of a few years old child absorbs knowledge like a sponge, so it is worth using this time to develop new interests in our child.

Programming seems to be the knowledge available only to experienced IT professionals. In fact, the mysteries of this field can be explored even by young children. How is this possible? Technological games that teach a child to be smart, creative and analytical come to the rescue. Moreover, it is completely safe and friendly to children of several years old, it is really interesting and aesthetically made, which only increases the desire to reach for this item instead of an ordinary doll or teddy bear.

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Our favorite among tech gadgets for toddlers? BRIO is a wonderful game – a toy with the appearance of a cute bee, which introduces the child to the world of programming according to the STEM method (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Through joyful play, our child learns the basics of computer science and mathematics. There are buttons on the bee’s wings to program up to 27 movement sequences. Learning to program with this pet is a real pleasure. The cost of the game is about 150 PLN.

Coding Critters, a group of games that are invaluable guides in the world of fun and educational programming, works in a similar way. Bopper, Hip and Hop are three cute bunnies that teach your child the basics of programming without sitting in front of a screen. Every day will be an unforgettable adventure with these animals. The little boy’s task is to get the bunnies to move, programme them to eat carrots, follow the instructions or go to sleep. Coding Critters are not only educational tools for kids, but also true electronic game companions. The price of the set with the brochure is about 170 PLN.

Older children will definitely be interested in LEGO BOOST, a creative kit in which you can create your own talking robot. The task of the child is to build, modify and program the game in such a way that it begins to move and perform simple activities. This innovative robot from the famous block manufacturer is a bestseller in the modern educational toy market. We will pay about 550 PLN for the LEGO BOOST set.

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Board game to learn programming? Hedo suggests such creative fun. Coding is a game that combines interesting board game features and learning simple algorithms. The task of the players is to reach the finish line with the vehicle, avoiding all the obstacles that they encounter. This creative toy would be great both at home and on the go. The price of the board game is about 100 PLN.

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A robot that learns with a child.

Interactive robots for self-programming for children are a real hit in the educational game market. The games not only teach programming and the basics of robotics, but also grow with your child. Their task is to develop the child’s creative and logical thinking, as well as support parents in discovering the possibilities offered by the world of modern technologies. The leader among interactive robots is the Photon – the first children’s gadget, which the child must form and program on his own, from scratch. The price of this educational robot is about 1000 PLN.

Laptop and tablet for learning and fun .

Older children will learn to program using simple and intuitive applications designed for young students in computer science and coding. Many are free to download, and others are available for subscription. A tablet or laptop is required to use these programs. We will pay PLN 400 for a simple and intuitive tablet (for example from Lenovo). This equipment is also ideal for learning other subjects, doing homework and everyday play.

For a child who wants to develop his skills in the field of software, it is worth installing a special program for learning programming, which will consolidate and develop the acquired knowledge. We recommend, for example, Scratch Desktop, PixBlocks or Kodu Game Lab. The software is free and does not require any special hardware parameters. We will successfully run it on a normal laptop. If we want to buy a computer for a child that will serve him for several years, then we have to take into account the cost of about 1,000 PLN.

Smart investment in the future .

Source: Adobe Stock

Every parent will probably agree with us – investing in a child’s education is an expense that will pay off over time. Children are curious about the world and enjoy knowledge with sincere joy. It is worth using this time to develop the passions and interests of our children. Computer science and programming are two fields with a promising future. If we notice our children’s interest in science, especially in programming, then it is worth developing this passion from an early age. Toys, gadgets and electronic equipment will certainly help him in this. Unfortunately, the purchase of programming equipment is a significant cost, but it is worth considering convenient financing methods, which are offered, for example, through the Provident brand. By choosing one of the convenient loan options, you will buy a set of educational tools and toys for your child without any sacrifices. Using the product offer “Loan for 48 months” * Providenta, available from 09/12/2020, you can get up to 20 thousand. PLN in 48 convenient installments. APR 9.9%. It is applicable to the loan offered online.

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Contact a customer advisor who will help you choose an offer tailored to your needs and capabilities. You can check out our Provident product offerings currently available here:https:

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