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A nuclear power plant in Poland. Anna Moscow will receive an American construction offer

A nuclear power plant in Poland.  Anna Moscow will receive an American construction offer

According to reports, the Polish government will decide within a month whether to accept the US offer.

about that Concept implementation report (CER), i.e. Detailed Roadmap of Construction Six large nuclear reactors Using American technology. The document also contains a strategic framework for cooperation between the United States and Poland in the field of civil nuclear energy.

Report on the Implementation of the Polish-US Intergovernmental Agreement on Cooperation in the Civil Nuclear Sector, It was signed in October 2020.

In late August, Westinghouse chairman Patrick Frogman reported that the US offer for the nuclear power plant should reach the Polish government in the next few days. Then he pointed out that it would be comprehensive and comprehensive. Not only with technical and industrial area but also financially.

The Westinghouse AP1000 reactor is a US concession. Four such units are in operation in China, and two more are scheduled to be commissioned in the United States in the coming months. China plans to build four more such blocks.

According to the Polish Nuclear Program, Poland plans to build modern, but proven and large PWR-type reactors. In Polish Energy Policy to 2040 The first block of the Polish nuclear power plant with a capacity of approximately 1-1.6 GW is expected to come into operation in 2033.. Subsequent blocks will be commissioned every 2-3 years, and the entire nuclear power program provides for the construction of six units with a capacity of up to 9 GW. The Polish government expects a partner in the nuclear project to take a 49 percent stake. Shares in a specialized company will provide adequate financing and participate not only in the construction, but also in the operation of nuclear power plants.

In October 2021, French EDF submitted a preliminary, unrestricted offer to build 4-6 EPR reactors. In April 2022, Korean KHNP submitted a technical and financial offer for six APR1400 reactors.

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