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A piece of the moon revolves around the earth. China sent a mission

A piece of the moon revolves around the earth.  China sent a mission

Astronomers recently spotted an asteroid Camu Aliwa by the Big Eyed Telescope in Arizona and analyze how sunlight is reflected from it. They found that the spectral spectrum of cosmic rocks fits perfectly moon rocks Obtained from the Apollo missions and exploration on Earth.

These are very strong indications that an asteroid actually exists The old part of the moon. The research findings have just been published in the prestigious Communications Earth & Environment journal. The object does not inhabit the main asteroid belt Solar SystemLike most known cosmic rocks, it stretches between Mars and Jupiter. There is also no similar composition to them. This clearly shows that we are dealing here with a completely different celestial body.

The object has a diameter of 40-100 meters and was first observed by telescope on April 27, 2016 Pan Stars in Hawaii. At first, it was called 2016 HO3, but later it became more civilized, i.e. (469,219) Kamo’oalewa.

Although we only know about her existence for 6 years, she does so It has accompanied our planet for hundreds of years He will stay with us for hundreds of years to come. According to the latest observations and calculations, The asteroid currently does not pose a threat to humanityBecause it is no closer than 14 million km from the blue planet, but it is in the Apollo group, so it may be a potential threat in the future if it changes orbit.

last year Chinese space agency It announced that it intends to send an expedition to this facility. vehicle zing Determine and map the chemical composition of the asteroid. The government wanted to know if the object could be explored at an angle space mining. In early September this year, information about the change in ZhengHe’s orbit appeared. The Chinese may have already researched or are currently investigating this mysterious object.

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