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A plane has been ejected from the United States due to a “suspicious and erratic” passenger

A plane has been ejected from the United States due to a "suspicious and erratic" passenger

A passenger on a Republic Airlines flight from Indianapolis in the United States was detained at LaGuardia Airport in New York shortly after landing.

Authorities said the person was suspicious and another passenger said he was acting from time to time, the pilot announced an emergency landing and stopped the plane on the runway at 3pm on Saturday (local time).

“It responds to passenger reports of suspicious and unpredictable behavior by another passenger,” said Thomas Toposis, spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

In a video posted on social media, two rescuers knelt next to the eagle man as he looked down face down on the asphalt of the runway. The man seemed to resist.

The passenger video shows the person looking down on the asphalt of the runway.

Valeria Walcetta by Storyful / AB

The passenger video shows the person looking down on the asphalt of the runway.

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The other passengers were amazed to be taken off the plane.

In an email, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security spokesman said “there is nothing harmful about the plane.”

Republic Airways said Flight 4817 was operating under the American Airlines banner and crashed at the end of the flight, a nearly two-hour flight from Indianapolis to LaGuardia.

“After exiting the active runway, the plane stopped in a taxiway and made an emergency stop evacuation,” Republic Airways said in a statement. “Law enforcement and rescue workers met with the plane and the passenger involved in the crash was detained.”

There were no injuries to the 78 passengers and four crew on board.

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