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A possible peace plan. ” Peskov gave a condition

A possible peace plan. ” Peskov gave a condition

– As for the peace plan, yes, it is possible after Ukraine fulfills all the requirements of the Russian side – Peskov said, citing RIA Novosti on Thursday.

In this way, he answered the question of journalists whether the Kremlin had the opportunity to read an article in the American edition of “The National Interest”, in which, among other things, a plan for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine was published. And negotiate the status of the buffer for it.

Asked about Russia’s demands, the Kremlin spokesman replied: “Ukraine knows everything well.”

Partition of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine at the request of the leaders of the unilaterally declared republics that Russia recognized as an independent state on the eve of the invasion and signed agreements for cooperation and mutual assistance with them.

attack on ukraine It was preceded by a televised speech by Putin in which he announced that he had decided to conduct a “special military operation” to protect those “who suffer abuses and genocide by the Kyiv regime.”

Moscow describes its actions as a “special military operation” and calls on Kyiv to “disarm Ukraine and uproot it from Nazism”. The use of the word “invasion” or “war” in this context has been banned by Roskomnadzor, the Russian media and internet regulator.

The second stage of the conflict

The Russian invasion is the second phase of the conflict that has been going on since 2014, when separatists took control of swathes of eastern Ukraine. The war was preceded by the Maidan Revolution and the so-called Crimean Crisis, which led to Russia’s annexation of the peninsula. Eight years ago, the Russian armed forces began to occupy the Crimea. An illegal “referendum” was held in the presence of the army, and Crimea was subsequently declared part of the Russian Federation.

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