July 27, 2021

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A robot arm at a Chinese space station - America's Concerns and an Extraordinary Record - PC World

A robot arm at a Chinese space station – America’s Concerns and an Extraordinary Record – PC World

The Chinese space station already has its own robot arm. The recording of the device assembly in space is very interesting.

Fr. Dominance in space The United States and Russia have been competing for years. Surprisingly, however, they also joined the race China I United Arab Emirates. The second major of the new participants is Al Amal, which orbits Mars and recently gave us exceptions. Photos of Mars Aurora, The Chinese are very brave.

The Tiangong station is under development

It was announced some time ago China is building its own space station It must be acknowledged that its work is progressing at express speeds. The main block of the station – named Tianhe, Placed in orbit around the Earth only at the beginning of May this year (where The traffic rocket lost controlIt orbited our planet for several days, eventually Fell in the Maldives region).

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Source: CGDN

Recently, however Tiangong Station A man was sent to further expand existing structures in space. Come back now Founded the famous robot arm.

Robot arm and American concerns

Strange as it may seem, Fr. Robot arm at the Chinese space station It was loud long before it was installed. They expressed particular interest in this topic United StatesIt is said to have commented loudly on the device China must use its hand to “catch” satellites from other countries. In practice, this is not possible because the speed of objects such as active satellites will move in space. Another thing is that the whole station has to adjust its position for such operations, which can be a logistics problem. So why A robotic arm was installed at the space station Sin?

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This additional device will be used Safe and precise docking at the space station. Passenger and distribution capsules are regularly delivered to all types of space stations, but the process itself is not as easy as it may seem. Every cosmic effort carries a specific risk, and is one of the most important moments The moment of docking, I.e. the connection of the carrier device with the station. The robot arm is designed to increase accuracy This type of maneuvering, final stage hijacking and Additionally confirming Elements coming to the station.

A space walk and a hand assembly at a Chinese station

Itself 10 meter robot arm assembly Why make an appearance, why? Because it’s all over Happened in space, And working astronauts (Liu Booming and Tang Hongpo) spent for this purpose Almost 7 hours from the station. The recording of this event was released by the Chinese CGDN TV station You can appreciate them below.

Throughout the entire history of Chinese travel, this is a remarkable thing Space style This is only the second such event so far, the first of which lasted more than 20 minutes. National Space Agency of China Plans to eventually have their space station Three main modulesThe other two will be installed in 2022.