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A royal expert assesses the new photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: ‘They do everything for money! They want to humiliate Windsor’

A royal expert assesses the new photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: 'They do everything for money! They want to humiliate Windsor'

A few days ago, Buckingham Palace published the first official photo of the royal family since their deaths Queen Elizabeth. It was an important picture because it depicted the new king’s approach to the performance of his duties. Single Charles III He looked very relaxed in the photo. Regardless of it, they fit into the frame Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William and Princess Kate. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle They did not get it, because the photo was taken on the day of a dinner party with the heads of friendly countries, at which their invitations were withdrawn.

A few days after the royal photos were published, new photos of the Sussexes appeared on the Internet. in front of the lens Misana Harimana tools Prince Harry And the Meghan MarkleThus, it confirms its “separation” from the rest of the family. The photos were taken during the couple’s stay in Great Britain shortly before the Queen’s death.

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According to royal biographer Tom Power, there is no doubt that Meghan and Harry have given the green light to release the photos at the moment, only to insult the royal family.

In his opinion, all this will be part of a complex plan for Megan Markle, whose priority is to build a media empire in America, not paying due respect to the crown.

It only focuses on one thing. It’s all Megan. What if she had to sacrifice the royal family on the way? The more likely she will be happy The biographer resides.

Were any chances of ending family feuds dismissed?

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Another unnecessary piece of news about two 40-year-olds who hold a grudge against the entire world. It’s not worth it

The photo was taken so there is no doubt who is in charge there

Meghan is American, a stylized lady, and the mindset of the Kardashianas. The sex tape is missing.

And so, getting off topic – Miszczak knew when to leave TVN 😂🤣😂 as if the scandal didn’t concern him.

Are they again????? NUUUDA!!!!!!

Recent Comments (91)

Duke and Duchess? And not just “Harry”?

Will they collapse to relieve them? Harry was born into this family and they ended up whether they liked it or not

Harry humiliates himself, that is also true of Windsor, he will get out of it and all of America

Not worth talking about

13 minutes ago

They just have different priorities. Some want to get rich at the expense of others, others cultivate traditions, respect the history of the country, sacrifice themselves for the good of this country and the nation, while also collecting profits, but for the sake of work, and not for being a parasite. I wonder how Carroll and his image consultants will approach H&M. This is much better than some of the unlikely “colors of happiness” or “clans”…

without hope …

14 minutes ago

They are hopelessly cute! 👎

They cohabit in their marriage because Harry knows where he is… in the back

Oh you Harry, Harry. You spoiled like a rabbit in cabbage. What did Megan need?

Mentally, she wasn’t ready for such a social promotion, she thought this was the next role in the movie, that’s how the wronged selfish Hare acted in court because he was separated from her family because of her!

More and more the so-called fairy predicts that Harry will become king after Charles, not William, and then swallow the haters

Mystical spirituality comes out….

What is this nonsense. Even the headlines are unreadable. Because people – such “royal family experts” – have nothing to do in life, they wake up in the morning and think about how to kick Windsor. Especially since Harry, who is out of the job, does not sleep at night and plans to humiliate his father, brother and the rest of the family. And the ignorant buys it and comments madly on it when he writes about the unemployed, the vigilant, etc.

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Kate comes from the Gold Merchant bloodline, so she’s not hated

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