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A Russian Su-25 shot down a mercenary from the Wagner Group at the control points. “Killed for 205,000 rubles.”

Ukraińcy mieli zestrzelić rosyjski szturmowiec Su-25 i wziąć do niewoli pilota. Jak podaje Jurij Butusow, ukraiński ekspert do spraw wojskowości, podczas przesłuchania okazało się, że jest najemnikiem Grupy Wagnera i walczy w Ukrainie za 205 tys. rubli miesięcznie, czyli ponad 16 tys. zł.

The Ukrainians had to shoot down the Russian Su-25 and take the imprisoned pilot. According to Yuri Putusov, a Ukrainian military expert, during interrogation it turned out that he is a mercenary of the Wagner Group and is fighting in Ukraine for 205 thousand. rubles per month i.e. more than 16 thousand rubles. zloty.

Putusov wrote on Facebook that the soldiers of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade on Saturday, using the “old Soviet mobile anti-aircraft missile complex Igla”, shot down a Russian Su-25 near Svetlodarsk. The commander of the machine was also arrested.

As it turned out, it was a major in the Russian Air Force, Andrei Fedorchukov. During interrogation, he confessed that he was a mercenary for a private military company known as the Wagner Group. He participated in the killing of Ukrainians for 205,000 rubles a month. – Putusov wrote.

It was said that Fedorchukov conveyed during interrogation that the target of his attack was Resistance point of the Ukrainian armed forces. Previously, he made flights to bomb Ukrainian cities.

Fedorchukov hopes for an exchange, but knows that he is a mercenary and may not be qualified for it. In Ukraine, “wagnerists” have a bad reputation. Their hands are stained with blood, and they specialize in killing civilians– affirmed Putusov.

The expert also posted a photo of Fedorzhukov and his family. “Mercenary families From the Wagner group are a kind of trophies. He added that it is worth showing the dire consequences of Russian air terrorism.

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The Wagner Group was probably created in 2014. Its founder is Yevgeny Prigozhin, an influential Russian businessman associated with Vladimir Putin. Wagnery’s followers fought in Syria and Libya, among other countries, and supported pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass.

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