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A scandal in the United States. The fan who scored the player! Shock display – o2

A scandal in the United States.  The fan who scored the player!  Shock display - o2

Fans who came to the IWE Pro-Resting Gala in August will remember this event for a long time. Amateur scenes of Joe Black fighting with a supporter have already run on social media.

Joe Black was heading for the ring to fight Anthony Henry. In the end, this confrontation did not happen because before entering the arena of the match … the player had a fight with a fan.

You can see in the record that Black moves his hand with tension as he has to tap something out of the fan’s hand. Someone who was not indebted to him, forcibly attacked him. Joe Black fell to the ground after being struck by electricity. However, he quickly got up and fought with the aggressive spectator.

For a while, the two beat each other on the barriers separating the spectators from the players. Later, the bodyguards and the second fighter of the evening entered the game. The situation seemed to be under control, but that was only the beginning.

As a result of these events, the long-awaited fight between Joe Black and Anthony Henry did not take place. No one is known to have been arrested by police. The IWE Pro-Wrestling Federation, on the other hand, released only a small statement on Facebook.

An unfortunate incident took place at today’s event, which will be discussed by representatives of the IWE. Thank you all for coming, sorry for any inconvenience – that was written.

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