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A secret US defense plan proposes thermonuclear explosions on the moon

A secret US defense plan proposes thermonuclear explosions on the moon

AATIP is a now defunct United States Advanced Air Traffic Risk Identification Program. As part of this, various inspections and tests were carried out on taxpayers’ money. That too was handled UFO. As the documents obtained from the evidence reveal, it can be admitted that some of the ideas are truly extraordinary.

As part of AATIP, related solutions Wormholes, Stargate and Negative Energy. Sounds straight from science fiction movies. There was also a reflection on Negative mass drive, Where it is proposed to find light metals in the center of the moon – with the strength of steel, but even 100 thousand. The method is easier.

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First you have to somehow get to the center of the moon. AATIP documents expose investigators They thought they were thermonuclear explosions on the surface of the Silver Globe. Let it go Creates a tunnelThis, fortunately, never happened.

There were still many unusual ideas under the AATIP project, but fortunately five years later (in 2012) it closed. In 2017, information about him was released only when his former director parted ways with the Pentagon.

At the same time, we invite you to listen to the latest episode of Podcast Technically Thinking. This time we talked to Tomasz Rożek about the current tension at the International Space Station, Russia’s role in space exploration and how it compares to the time of the Soviet Union.

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