July 28, 2021

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A series of hurricanes passed through Iowa, USA. Shocking posts hit the network

The United States has recently struggled with changing and harsh weather. Only 26 hurricanes passed through Iowa – another record since 1980 when reliable measurements were made. Records showing the strength and size of the event have been published online. See for yourself.

Recent days have brought rapidly changing, very dangerous weather in the United States. Some states have experienced severe storms with hurricanes. The National Weather Service released a report Friday showing that storms in Iowa are the most intense in 40 years. In a single day, 26 hurricanes passed through the area.

Experts have no doubt that this will be the third highest number of hurricanes to hit the state in a single day. These events led to the destruction of many residential and farm buildings and the lack of electricity in some places.

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A series of hurricanes passed through Iowa, USA. Shocking posts hit the network

By the end of the week, a series of hurricanes passed through Iowa, USA. On Wednesday alone, experts estimated that the region was hit by 26 hurricanes. They also say that this number could increase when they carefully examine the photos and objects they collect.

Strong events were recorded in Lake City. This is where the hurricane appeared, traveling at 230 km per hour. It cut down many trees and lost access to electricity for the citizens. The wind also damaged the bus stop, football field and barn.

Slightly weaker hurricanes passed Stanhope, Shell Rock, Waverly and Dysart. Here, it reached a speed of 160 km per hour and also disturbed the citizens.

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It is worth mentioning There were also heavy rains with hurricanes and violent storms with hail in some places. Records showing how powerful the weather has been in the United States recently have hit the network.

Source: National Weather Service, TVN Meetio